A SIDMOUTH man is waiting to hear whether he can keep a BMW motorbike he recovered from Branscombe beach.

Jack Pyne, 22, of The Esplanade, and two friends, Jamie Wardrop and Tim Treloar, were among the first on the beach when they went on Sunday evening.

Mr Pyne said: "We went for the experience to see what we could see and, when we came across some trainers and barrels, we were very happy with that."

"But we saw some lights in the distance and walked up to see what they were doing and saw the bikes being wheeled out of the container."

"We got in line and we were all helping each other."

Jack said he would now have to wait to see what he could do with the bike - but he has followed the legal procedures.

He said: "We are going to have to wait for 28 days and it will probably be a year before we know what we can do with it - because BMW may still want it back."

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