A few days after Donington Park pulled out of its hosting duties at the British round of the 2015 MotoGP season, series organizers have successfully negotiated with officials from Silverstone to bring the race back to the circuit that has hosted it since 2010, bringing to a conclusion the dramatic turn of events that could have threatened the race altogether.

Fans, teams, and riders can all breathe a sigh of relief now. The British MotoGP is all set for August 30, 2015, even though the past few days were nothing short of nerve-wracking for a lot of people involved in the event.

See, the Circuit of Wales signed a five-year deal to stage the race from 2015, but with its own venue in Ebbw Vale still to be built, the circuit joined forces with Donington Park to host the race until the track was completed. But problems between the two sides, including squabbles regarding payments and deadlines, forced Donington Park to bow out of hosting the race this season, leaving the Circuit of Wales essentially stuck between a rock and that dreaded hard place.

That’s when it took the incredible step of contacting Silverstone, the same track it usurped to host the British MotoGP, and coming to an agreement to bring MotoGP back to the Northamptonshire venue for the next two seasons while the Welsh venue is completed. There are still a multitude of issues surrounding the development of the Ebbw Vale race track, but that’s a problem for another day.

What’s important now is that the 2015 MotoGP racing calendar is set and the season can begin in full stride.

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Why it matters

You really can’t call it a return because it does feel like Silverstone never really left as the host of the 2015 British MotoGP. Sure, the contract technically belongs to the Circuit of Wales for the next five years, but seeing as the company has yet to finish the construction of the Ebbw Vale race track, it had little choice but to agree to give hosting rights back to Silverstone for the next two season.

The objective now is to finish the Ebbw Vale track in time for the 2017 season. That, in itself, is a task far easier said than done, especially with issues involving funding and common land still plaguing its development. It’s even come to a point that a public enquiry on the construction of the revenue has been scheduled for next month.

So yeah, the Circuit of Wales still has a lot of work to do before the project even gets off the ground. At the very least, it has a little more time to iron everything out before it finally has to step up and host in 2017.

If the track isn’t ready by then, the Circuit of Wales might just lose out on hosting the series altogether.

Source: BBC Sports

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