• Singapore will give $2650 for de-registering your old motorcycle

In a bid to curb old motorcycles from polluting the environment

Traffic in eastern countries is becoming a tourist highlight of sorts with people photographing it to share their experiences back home. Traffic causing gridlocks all across the towns and major cities have become a common sight, but the governments are worried about the bigger problem here. With so many vehicles plying, the environment is taking the hit with depleting air quality, especially with older vehicles emitting much more than current ones.

Hence, one of the eastern countries, Singapore, is taking a major step towards restricting these old motorcycles creating environmental and congestion woes before they could go out of gear. The National Environment Agency (NEA) has announced cash incentives of up to S$3,500 (USD$2650) to owners who will de-register their pre-2003 registered motorcycles over the next five years.

Vietnam is now fighting the war on motorcycles. Will ban them by 2030.
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The first European standard for exhaust emissions was introduced in 1992. Any vehicle that is now 15 years or older poses a significant threat to the environment with regards to the low-key emission standards set during those days with Euro 1-3 in play. When compared to the current Euro 6 emission standards, carbon monoxide levels have been stipulated by 63% for petrol. Particulate matter is down by 96%. Since 2001, nitrogen oxide is down by 84%, and hydrocarbons are down by 50%.

That is a massive amount of toxic levels emitted by Euro 1-3 registered motorcycles, and the government authority has come up with a smart move to take off motorcycles in that category off the streets. According to the NEA, motorcycle owners who registered their vehicles before July 1, 2003, will receive S$2,000 (USD$1500) if they deregister them on or before April 5, 2023.

Vietnam is now fighting the war on motorcycles. Will ban them by 2030.
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Folks can get an additional S$1,500 (USD$1140) richer if they do not renew their motorcycle’s Certificate of Entitlement (COE) on or after 7 April 2018. And will also be eligible to get a rebate for any remaining period of COE. How cool is that?

About 20% of Singapore’s motorcycle population comes under this category and if this strategy of the NEA works, will take around 27,000 dirty motorcycles off the streets for good. This number could’ve been much more, but motorcycles that come under Classic, Vintage (Restricted), and Revised Vintage vehicle schemes as of April 6 will not be eligible for the rebate since they are already subjected to a restricted usage of sorts.

Singapore will give $2650 for de-registering your old motorcycle
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Every motorcycle owner coming under this scheme will be notified by a letter from the NEA by the end of April and will be guided through the process to claim the amount. This, however, will not be taken well by everyone. People always hold a true sentimental value to their old rides and forcing them against using them will always backfire.

Moreover, getting rid of their old bike and buying a new one will, in fact, cost them at least 4 times of what they will get from NEA, which is totally not justified. But the fact that they are heavily polluting the environment is an issue worth debating. With the 5 year deadline, there is still some time to bask the oldies.

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