The Great Canadian Motorcycle Trek is an exciting new spin for reality TV. It’s a 13-episode, half-hour series that chronicles the trip of three motorcycle riders as they cross "all Canada, all the way" in 30 days. The riders start in Vancouver at the Pacific Ocean and end in Newfoundland at the Atlantic.

Spectacular High Definition captures Canada like you’ve never seen it before: on and off the beaten track with stunning views you can only see from the seat of a bike. You will feel that you are along for the ride of a lifetime. Feel the curves in the road, take in the vistas and experience the rain on your face. You’ll see great sights and meet some interesting people, too.

First, meet our riders: Andrew, his brother Ray and Ray’s wife Julie. Experience their exhilaration and their challenges. Their honest dialogue is part of the enviable bond that these three share.

The Great Canadian Motorcycle Trek is produced by Skydance Entertainment, a television production company operating since 1998. Skydance Entertainment specializes in television series, which have been broadcast in markets across Canada, in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and China. Darlene Forst, President and senior producer for Skydance Entertainment, has produced over 200 hours of broadcast television.

The Great Canadian Motorcycle Trek is the most current program from Skydance and just began airing weekly on the Outdoor Life Network January 5th, 2007. Each episode airs four times a week on Fridays and Sundays.


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