The list of electric bicycles being offered in the market is growing by the day. So is it really that surprising that another electric bicycle has come out from the shadows, ready to stake its claim in the market?

To be honest, I’m not surprised at all. We live in a day where electric vehicles, whether its cars, motorcycles, or bicycles, have become more than just fads; they’ve turned into serious options for consumers, especially for those who see the benefits of efficient commuting.

The SPA Bicicletto - that’s Italian for ’bicycle,’ by the way - is a creation of Societa Piemontese Automobili (SPA). Yep. This is the same luxury automaker that once sold hot items like the Tipo line that was en vogue back in the early part of the last century.
SPA’s history is largely tied into Italian automaker Fiat, which bought the company in 1925 before selling it in 2014 to Alessandro Camorali, the founder of Camal Studios.

The current iteration of SPA is unlikely to head back to its glory days, but Camorali did say upon purchasing the marque that he plans on using SPA as the masthead for an al-new line of electric vehicles, including e-bicycles.

It took him close to a year to deliver on his mission for the company, but here it is, ladies and gentlemen, the Bicicletto, SPA’s first foray into the electric bicycle market.

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Why it matters

Everybody seems to be joining in on the electric bicycle market, so what’s another new model to stir the pot a little, right?

At it’s core, the Bicicletto is still an electric bicycle. But SPA did a good job creating a distinct difference with its product. For one, not every electric bicycle uses a carbon frame that helps the bike achieve a weight of just 53 pounds. It also has a 500W hub motor neatly installed in the rear wheel, providing as much as 31 miles of range in full-electric mode and up to 74 miles of range with pedal assistance. The bike can even reach a top speed of 28 mph, which is pretty impressive for a bicycle.

Outside of the carbon fiber frame, the 500W hub motor, and the 36V battery packs, the SPA also fitted the bike with some useful components, including a removable LED headlight, LED turn signals, and Formula T1 brakes. You’re not going to mistake any of these items as cutting-edge these days, but they do serve their purpose well. Besides, how many electric bicycles can claim to have an LED headlight and LED turn signals as parts of its overall package. You’ll also notice that there’s a fuel tank in there wrapped in leather. That’s actually not a fuel tank, although you’d be forgiven if you initially thought it was. That’s actually storage space, which always comes in handy anytime you’re riding a bicycle. Unless you’re the type who likes flower baskets on the front of your bicycle, this unique interpretation of storage space is as good as it gets for a bicycle.

Overall, the SPA Bicicletto has all the elements you’d want in an electric bicycle. It’s got a nice and creative design, a respectable motor, and the right kind of technology that makes it stand out. The only drawback about this e-bike is its €10,000 price tag. That’s around $11,000 based on current exchange rates, which is a pretty steep price to pay for an electric bicycle.

It still doesn’t approach the absurd price of the European Trefecta - $28,000?! - but it’s still pretty heavy on the wallet.

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