SportVue’s innovative design has two small, lightweight components: A Wireless Head-Mounted Display (HMD) mounts to your helmet visor and a Motorcycle Sending Unit (MSU) that mounts to your motorcycle.

The wireless HMD viewing angle can be rotated in the housing and the entire unit slides up and down in the mount. This design allows the visor to be opened on any full-face or convertible helmet with the display attached. In the event of an accident, a specially designed clip will allow the HMD to separate before causing any injury to the rider. The HMD is powered by readily available AAA batteries.

The MSU receives your speed signal from a hall effect sensor mounted near either the front or rear wheel. In addition, other inputs include an RPM pulse, power, ground and radar detector. The MSU processes the data, calculates gear position and transmits the data to the wireless HMD via 2.4 GHz wireless link. The HMD presents the data in real-time within your normal field of view. It is focused well in front of you, requiring little or no focal time. You see and instantly grasp speed, RPM and gear information. When your radar detector receives a warning signal, RADAR will flash in the HMD and alternate with your current speed like this. All data is continually updated at 5 Hz.

  • See radar alert - speed - gear-rpm even while cornering
  • Will not interfere with forward vision
  • Powerful helmet mount-track tested to over 180 MPH
  • Wireless, lightweight, adjustable display
  • Three (3) light settings for day/night use
  • Programmable shift indicator
  • Fits late model bikes and full face helmets
  • Twenty (30+) hours on AAA batteries
  • Shows either MPH or KPH
  • Connects to the Audio Out port on your radar detector


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