Star Motorcycles is giving its fans a chance to win a brand new 2015 Bolt C-Spec roadster as part of a new competition - the “My Bolt Style” video contest - that calls on owners and fans of the company to share their experiences with the Bolt.

Fans don’t even have to own an actual Bolt motorcycle, or purchase one, to be eligible for the competition. All they have to do is submit a two-and-a-half-minute-or-less video that captures their thoughts, feelings, and experiences with the motorcycle. Whether it’s their own Bolt, a friend’s Bolt, or even Bolts from their local authorized Star leaderships, the competition is all about creating a voice that captures everything that makes the Star Motorcycles Bolt roadster such an appealing bike for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Should you decide to enter the competition, the creation and submission of the aforementioned videos is the first step of the competition. Once you’ve accomplished those things, you’re highly encouraged to vote and also invite your friends to vote for a chance to win weekly prizes. You’ll also need to share your video with your friends and to your social channels to ensure that your entry gets as much exposure as it can get.

Remember, entries will be voted on by the fans, which means that the more exposure your video gets, the more votes it can receive. Sounds pretty simple, right?

Star Motorcycles will accept entries until August 3, 2015 before announcing the winner at a date that’s still to be determined. Those who miss out on the brand new Bolt C-Spec - aka second- and third-place winners - will still receive prizes of their own in the form of $500 and $250 in credit toward Star apparel or accessories, respectively.

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Why it matters

I’m not a big fan of Star Motorcycles, or at least not as big as some people I know who swear by the brand. I can only imagine what this new competition is doing to their respective psyches. I’ve no doubt that some of them might even enter this competition with the hope of scoring a brand-new 2015 Bolt C-Spec roadster. I can’t blame them for doing it, even though the sheer number of participants might make it a little harder for any of them to win the competition.

But you gotta at least try, right? That’s something I’d also tell those who are interested in joining the competition but are too scared or shy to display their works against some of the best this business has to offer. First of all, you won’t win the Bolt C-Spec if you don’t join the competition to begin with. That’s a condition even five-year olds understand.

So if you can muster up the courage and creativity to create a video, that’s already part of the battle won. I would suggest diving deep into the creative nuances of developing a top-caliber video that fans of all age and preferences can relate to. You’d want to capture the attention of different market bases because they’ll ultimately end up having the power to determine whether their entries win big or falls flat on their faces.

For the sake of the competition itself, I really hope that Star Motorcycles receives its share of entries. I may not be a soldier of its cause, but I have come to enjoy a few Star Motorcycle bikes over the years and the Bolt, in different trims, of course, counts as one of them.

Now that Star Motorcycles is offering one up as a prize for the “My Bolt Style” competition, this is the opportunity fans of Star Motorcycles have been waiting for to secure a piece of the bike without having to take out any financial loans.

Source: Star Motorcycles

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