I very much appreciate people who read my reviews and I know that they often try to learn some new tricks by reading the “Test Drive” section. Because of that, I would like to help them (that is you) to get as much online information as they can before starting to ride.

Because I have recently done some previews (no test drive, that is) as the bikes are 2009 model years and become available this october, I invite you do do your own skill deeloping by attending a profesional riding school.

Rich Lafferty Racing and Riding School is a nice start as you can evolve fast and get to racing. That is the interesting part, isn’ it?

This is the first school that brings immediate enjoyment and the best is that it addresses to both children and adults, so parents, if you feel like being worry-free, this is one good solution.

They also have a “Tips and Tricks” on their section on their website from which you can download free information in order to gather skills faster.

More information at http://www.rlafferty.com/riding_school/riding_school.html

Start trail riding like a pro!
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