Se service has for many years been building supercharged engines, before they went under the name of Stellans kompressormatning.

A while back the company expanded the business, which now includes close to everything concerning enthusiatic vehicles.

They can manufacture almost anything out of steel, aluminium and stainless steel in our shop, the only limitation is your imagination. Do you want your car or motorcycle restorated or custom made? Perhaps a couple of aluminum table legs, a bed frame out of stainless steel or a grill guard to your car.


Builder: Stellan Egeland
Owner: Stellan Egeland
Location: Skogås
Country: Sweden
Bike Name: Esox Lucius
Engine Make/Size: Harley Davidson 80"
Transmission Size/Type: Harley Davidson 4-speed
Frame Make/Type: SE Service
Front End: W&W Springer
Rake: 52 degrees
Stretch: Minus
Swingarm: Solid frame
Wheels-Front: American Racing magnesium
Wheels-Rear: American Racing magnesium
Tires-Front: Hoosier frontrunner
Tires-Rear: Hoosier frontrunner
Brakes-Front: W&W drum
Brakes-Rear: Customcrome drum
Painter: Totte Landberg
Chroming/Plating: Excellent

Stellan Egeland "Esox Lucius"
- image 152770

Additional Information
Oil tank: modified Scot blower,
Exhaust: Stainless steel by SE Service,
Intake: Aluminum by SE Service,
Carburators: Dual SU H4,
Ignition: Scintilla Magneto,
Fuel tank: Aluminum with fuellevel gauge from 1930 Ford by SE Service,
Rear fender: Aluminum by SE Service,
Footpegs: Aluminum and brass by SE Service,
Footcontrols: Stainless steel and brass by SE service,
Frontbrake control: Aluminum, brass and Stainless steel by SE Service,
Shiftstick: 1938 Ford,
Sidestand: clutchpedal from 1938 Ford,
Seat:Aluminum and brass by SE Service.

Stellan Egeland "Esox Lucius"
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