When we first heard about the stretch-limo Vespa, which is a very original idea of Vespa South Africa Managing Director Andy Reid, we thought at a luxurious piece of Italy’s greatest ever scooter, but looking at it now, we’re beginning to think this is a rather interesting mean of transportation for those interested in saving gas money. Sure, it can be both (personally, I wouldn’t take the kids to school on it), but the fact is that it was built for promotional activities only, so a picture on it with a glass of champagne in your hand should do the trick just fine. For more, build one yourself and ride home from high school with a trio of chicks at the back. And don’t forget the white gloves!


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  (512) posted on 02.22.2010

Wow, 4 to 5 people can fit in it eh? That’s cool. But I think it wouldn’t be that safe as the driver would then have to balance that much people. Balancing and driving a motorcycle with one passenger is already hard at times, what more if there were more passengers.

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