After crashing its skull for six times, French designer Jérôme Coste took matters in its own hands. He submitted himself at creating the most interesting motorcycle helmets. Why interesting? The safety factor was a must (you wouldn’t want our designer to crash and have yet another cranial fracture) and the shape propel them back in the 1970s, when these kind of helmets used to be made.

Kind of funny as Jérôme Coste claims to have inspired by sci-fi movies, Japanese anime and a dash of Steve McQueen. So…they also seem to indicate future tendencies. One particular model lets displays the carbon fiber (clearly futuristic) while the other is worthy of the “Captain America” series back in the 1970s. Now everybody’s happy!

See how high-speed crashes can influence your creative work in a positive way? Even so, I suggest trying the helmets, not this method of creating them!

Source: gadgets.boingboing

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