Ever since BMW launched their all-new S1000RR superbike we started hoping for a naked version of it and now that design guru Oberdan Bezzi created the BMW R1000RS streetfighter, chances are the Bavarian giant will consider this a great opportunity to enlarge their sport motorcycle lineup. At least that is what we hope for because from the very first glance, this undressed S1000RR looks like a nightmare for the Ducati Streetfighter, not as much in terms of style as we have to admit the Italian designer did draw inspiration from the Streetfighter, but in terms of performance.

We’ve already seen how great of a stunt bike the BMW S1000RR is in the right hands, so imagine its R1000RS naked brother.

Bezzi about the BMW R1000RS:

Here’s how it should be the next Naked / Streetfighter BMW.

Obviously derived from S1000 RR Superbike, aspires to become the new benchmark in the Supernaked of high society.

A decidedly aggressive in both the technique in the aspect that shows off the old “war paint” Motosport more characteristic than the new and sad blue and red.

The price of this racing car is embarrassing …. .. but then it is a BMW!

Source: asphaltandrubber

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Rod  (825) posted on 02.12.2010

It does look nicesmiley but I don’t think it would have the S1000RR street bike engine but still it looks great.smiley

Rod  (2) posted on 02.6.2010

I wish BMW would release one of these.

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