• Supermoto world championship: An entirely Aprilia podium thanks to VDB’s double victory as he closes in on the title

    Supermoto world championship

And to think that the torturous track of Busca (Cuneo, Italy) was certainly not the most favorable for the characteristics of the Aprilia twin. The prognosis was in fact that of being knocked out of first, something that occurs regularly at the "Ocean Alps" Gran Prix where the Aprilia SXV 4.5’s instead monopolized the scene from the start of Saturday’s qualifyings. Thanks to an increasingly flexible motorcycle that can rapidly adapt itself to tracks that don’t necessarily allow the Noale twins to unsheathe all of their potential. Therefore, a big applause to the mechanics and riders that found the best setting to allow the three Aprilia musketeers to climb atop the podium, setting an unforgettable day in stone.

Shining more than anyone was certainly Thierry Van den Bosch. He picked up his loot and further increased his lead in the S2 class. After marking the best time in Saturday’s session, he gave up the Superpole on Sunday morning to his "frothing" teammate, Frederic Bolley, and "settled" for 2nd place ahead of another official Aprilia rider, Jerome Giraudo, creating a front line that was completely "Made in Noale".

In Race 1, VDB took off in the lead and conducted the stint without the slightest of problems. The checkered flag ended his solitary race that was won over Bolley and Giraudo, making for a podium completely draped in Aprilia colors.

At the start of Race 2, it was instead Giraudo who assumed the lead ahead of VDB while Bolley fell and took off again in last place. Giraudo led the race and was trailed by VDB who, during the 4th lap, found the right opening and jumped ahead of his teammate, beating him to the finish line. Bolley’s comeback was nothing short of enthusiastic as he climbed from 23rd place into 7th overall.

The international S2 riders watched as VDB further increased his lead. With two trials left until the end of the season (with another 100 points in play), he is in first with 240 points, ahead of Giraudo with 209 points, Adrien Chareyre with 196, and Bolley with 188. Aprilia is also solidly in command of the international constructors’ S2 category with 278 points followed by Husqvarna (209) and Honda (207).

"In a race where we had to minimize our damages - commented Ennio Marchesin, the SD of Aprilia Off Road - we instead attacked and consolidated our lead, distancing ourselves even more from our adversaries. A job well done to everyone who worked in a superb manner on the motorcycle that, time and time again, confirms itself to be easy to set-up".

In the S1 class, Christian Hiddon closed out Race 1 in 4th place despite a painful knee (its ligaments will be operated on at the end of the season). In the conclusive fraction of the race, the official Aprilia rider was once again the victim of an unfortunate episode. During the training lap, one of the riders fell in front of him and Christian hit his adversary’s motorcycle, bruising the drum of his SXV 5.5. An inconvenience that resulted in decreased performance but did not, however, impede his 7th place finish, 5th on the day.

The next engagement of the International Supermoto will take place on October 15th at the Latina "Sagittarius" track, where the Italian Grand Prix will be hosted.

Busca (CN), October 8th 2006 - The Ocean Alps Grand Prix - 6th Trial of the International Supermoto

S1 Class

Race 1:
1. Ivan Lazzarini (Husqvarna); 2. Gerarld Delepine (Husqvarna); 3. Bernd Hiemer (Ktm); 4. Christian Iddon (Aprilia SXV 5.5).
Race 2:
1. Ivan Lazzarini (Husqvarna); 2. Gerarld Delepine (Husqvarna); 3. Ales Hlad (Ktm); 7. Christian Iddon (Aprilia SXV 5.5).
Final Classification of the Ocean Alps Gp:
1. Ivan Lazzarini (Husqvarna) 50 points; 2. Gerarld Delepine (Husqvarna) 44; 3. Bernd Hiemer (Ktm) 38; 5. Christian Iddon (Aprilia SXV 5.5) 32.
The international S1 championship after 6 trials:
1. Bernd Hiemer (Ktm) 269 points; 2. Ivan Lazzarini (Husqvarna) 225; 3. Gerarld Delepine (Husqvarna) 217; 4. Christian Iddon (Aprilia SXV 5.5) 214.
S1 constructors’ cateogory after 6 trials:
1. Ktm 279 points; 2. Husqvarna 273; . 3. Aprilia 214.

S2 Class

Race 1:
1. Thierry Van den Bosch (Aprilia SXV 4.5); 2. Frederic Bolley (Aprilia SXV 4.5); 3. Jerome Giraudo (Aprilia SXV 4.5).
Race 2:
1. Thierry Van den Bosch (Aprilia SXV 4.5); 2. Jerome Giraudo (Aprilia SXV 4.5); 3. Adrien Chareyre (Husqvarna); 7. Frederic Bolley (Aprilia SXV 4.5).
Final Classification of the Ocean Alps Gp:
1. Thierry Van den Bosch (Aprilia SXV 4.5) 50 punti; 2. Jerome Giraudo (Aprilia SXV 4.5) 42; 3. Adrien Chareyre (Husqvarna) 36; 4. Frederic Bolley (Aprilia SXV 4.5) 36.
The international S2 championship after 6 trials:
1. Thierry Van den Bosch (Aprilia SXV 4.5) 240 punti; 2 . Jerome Giraudo (Aprilia SXV 4.5) 209; 3. Adrien Chareyre (Husqvarna) 196; 4. Frederic Bolley (Aprilia SXV 4.5) 188.
S2 constructors’ cateogory after 6 trials:
1. Aprilia 278 points; 2. Husqvarna 209; 3. Honda 207.

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