Given the industry’s tendencies towards non-polluting vehicles, more and more electric motorcycle projects are being created and we finally get to see a chopper, although not quite the best looking one possible.

Art director / Interactive Media Designer Chidi Jenkins-Johnston developed a concept chopper that he calls simply Hybrid Electric Chopper. Although currently looking for the most efficient form of electric propulsion, the project’s author explains in a few words how his system theoretically works:

The rear wheel has permanent magnets embedded in it. The wheel is then attached to a large ball bearing ring similar to that of a skateboard but much larger and much stronger. The outer part of the ring is attached to the swing arm. The other side of the swing arm supports the wires that the direct current passes through. That causes the wheel with the magnets to spin in the direction of the current. In theory this propulsion method should be very efficient if you can control the amount of current going through the wires and assuming you have a great battery pack.

There is also a mini gas generator that charges the batteries but only turns itself on at low speeds.

Don’t try to tune up your speakers because the animated video has no sound.

Source: youtube

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