• Suzuki Files Patent For Possible Recusion Concept-Based Model

The Suzuki Recursion Concept turned a lot of heads at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. Not surprisingly, the Japanese bookmaker is putting the interest surrounding the concept to good use by filing a patent application for the technology behind the concept. But before anybody starts jumping for joy, it’s important to remember that the patent application doesn’t necessarily mean that the Recursion Concept is hitting production.

But it does open the door towards that happening, which is reason enough to get a little excited. These patent filings , which features alternative designs that’s different from the Recursion Concept, also leaves the possibility that Suzuki could use it for a separate bike altogether, at least something that’s different from the concept we saw in Tokyo.

A few elements do stand out from the drawings, namely the placement of the turbocharger in front the engine and just below the radiator. This is a different take from the one used by Kawasaki on its H2 and H2R superbikes when it placed a supercharged just behind the cylinders. The turbocharger’s placement also opens up the exhaust stream from the header pipes, spinning a turbine to pressurize the air intake, which then sends the pressurized air up into the intercooler found just below the front end of the seat.

Suzuki’s also apparently working on a few intercooler designs, including one that looks like a hollow rectangular box with a dividing wall that runs across most of its length and an alternative design that adds a gap in the intercooler for improved cooling.

As far as the design is concerned, I’m not ready to say that these drawings will reflect what Suzuki’s production plans are for this model, if it even gets to that point. What I don know is that these patent filings are tied to the Recursion Concept and at this point in the bike’s perceived development, any indication that Suzuki could send the concept into production is good enough for me.

Continue reading to read more about Suzuki’s new patent filings for a possible Recursion Concept-based model.

Why it matters

Take this news with a pinch of salt for the time being, even though it’s hard not to get a little excited about seeing at least a version of the Recursion Concept out on the road soon. But we all know the deal with patent filings. Sometimes, a company does with the intention of building a production model as soon as it gets the green light to do so. Then there are times when a company files these patents and just leaves them tucked in their filing cabinets with no immediate plans to follow through on the project.

I don’t know what Suzuki’s intentions are, which is why my excitement is tempered at the moment. It’s better to be in this position than to expect something that won’t arrive anytime soon. I’ve learned my lesson on this front numerous times so unless Suzuki explicitly says that it’s got the thumbs up on developing these patent filings, I’m just going to sit back and see what happens.

At the very least, we now know that the company has plans for the Recursion Concept past the point of it being just a showcase model at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Source: USPTO

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