• Suzuki Issues Recall For GSX-S1000 In The UK

Suzuki has become the latest motorcycle company to issue a recall for one of its own models after announcing that 174 registered units of the GSX-S1000 and GSX-S1000F in the UK could have issues with their radiator hose clearance.

Suzuki UK didn’t specify what kind of issues these radiator hose clearances have, opting only to say that despite not having any reported issues in the UK, the company deemed that “customer safety and satisfaction” was its utmost priority, thus the decision to instigate a recall to get affected models fitted with “a new component” to avoid any issues in the future.

It must be noted that the recall notice was issued in the UK, not in the US. That’s not to say that GSX-S1000 and GSX-1000F bikes here are free and clear from any potential problems. That’s why it might be prudent for owners of these two models here in the US to call their local Suzuki dealerships to ask about the status of their bikes.

If it’s determined that GSX-S1000 and GSX-1000F models in the US are also affected by this recall, don’t be surprised if the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration gets involved and issues its own recall. For now, though, there hasn’t been any announcements made on that end but I’d still be cautious if I were an owner of any of these two models.

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Why it matters

I’ll never apologise for always adhering to safety when it comes to motorcycles. That’s led to some teasing on me for being overly cautious, but as we’ve seen time and again, the slightest hint of carelessness from riders could potentially lead to disastrous consequences. That’s why I’m taking note of Suzuki’s recall of the GSX-S1000 and GSX-1000F bikes even though there have been no mentions or reports of a similar recall being issued here in the US.

To put it simply, I’m not taking any chances when it comes to issues like this, especially when Suzuki UK was pretty curt with its own description of the issues involving these two bikes. Not knowing what problems a bike may have is, well, problematic, because nobody knows what could happen to these bikes in the event the perceived issue manifests itself.

I really hope that Suzuki UK has a more detailed explanation on why it’s issuing this recall. It’s hard enough to get people to take them seriously when they’re specifically told of the consequences of riding a bike in need of repair. Can you imagine trying to convince them when you yourself can’t explain why they shouldn’t ride their bikes?
In the event that you’re a proud owner of these two Suzukis in the UK, I encourage you to do your due diligence and seek out your local Suzuki dealership to determine if your bike is one of the 174 registered units that are affected by the recall.

Oh, that also goes for owners here in the US. Just because no announcements have been made yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t figure out for yourself if there’s a problem with your bike.

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