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Motorcycle accidents are close to 30 times more than those of cars, and Suzuki is in an effort to minimise that as much as possible. With safety always been a big hindrance to motorcycles, that notion is going to change with manufacturers getting new technology out in the world and make riding a safer experience.

According to Suzuki’s ‘connected’ vehicles plan, future motorcycles will have the technology to communicate with each other, as well as, with other road users in real time. This will allow the vehicles to be aware of each other on the road and avoid untoward incidents that may involve human error.

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Yes, a lot of companies are pouring in cash like water into developing the future automobile technologies to be able to minimise accidents and deaths on the road. Governments of countries are vying to call their roads the safest and are devising various strategies to do so.

Suzuki seems to have put on the innovation cap and is bringing in new technology into making motorcycling safer than ever before. According to the images seen on Morebikes, Suzuki has submitted a patent that suggests the Japanese company is working on a technology that keeps other vehicles informed of a group of motorcycles traveling together.

Suzuki plans to make group riding as safe as ever Drawings
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Instead of broadcasting information from a single motorcycle, Suzuki’s development will tether multiple bikes and relay this information to any other road users equipped with a compatible device. This means a car, truck or a bus will get notified of a group of motorcycles traveling ahead and closing in.

The technology can tether into any number of motorcycles, and once the group has been identified, it will assign a singular digital footprint that will determine every bike’s parametric in relation to other bikes.

Suzuki plans to make group riding as safe as ever
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This system will trigger a warning sign to a closing in vehicle and avert the driver of the number of bikes in the group and then, as they pass, keep a tab of the remaining bikes to go by. With this, a potentially dozy driver will always be alerted of the motorcycles that are coming up ahead.

What do you guys have to say to this? Will it be practical enough and still not irritate the driver of a car with the continuous alerts? Especially during the riding season, where a dozen riding groups will ply on the same road?

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