Suzuki Recursion Concept Headed to Production?

The Suzuki Recursion Concept turned a lot of heads at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show for being the wonder bike that offered incredible power packed in a nimble, middleweight machine. We haven’t heard a lot about the Recursion Concept since, but now, Japanese magazine Young Machine is reporting that Suzuki is planning to build a production version of the Recursion Concept.

This is obviously welcome news to everyone that has clamored Suzuki to take such a step, even if it’s probably best to take the report with a grain of salt until Suzuki officially confirms it. But even without any comments from Suzuki, a planned production run of the Recursion Concept falls right in line with the belief that a lot of bikemakers are all set to begin hunkering down and producing more forced induction models in a bid to attract more buyers who prefer smaller but more powerful machines. It’s not like forced induction is still a foreign concept among motorcycles, especially now that car companies are already taking this route.

So by that rationale, a production model of the Recursion Concept sounds like a fantastic idea. The concept’s biggest selling point was its ability to offer a 588cc turbo-charged engine built inside a lightweight frame, essentially giving customers a more powerful and better handling sportsbike that could give the Kawasaki Ninja a serious run for its money.

And besides, Suzuki’s status in the motorcycle world needs a jolt in the arm. That jolt could come in the form of the Suzuki Recursion.

Why it matters

An industry in the middle of a paradigm shift is always a tricky deal for those involved in it. Now that it appears that a new era of lighter and powerful bikes are on the horizon, bikemakers have become more aggressive in developing bikes that fit this description.

The Suzuki Recursion Concept is one such a bike and it’s really preplexing that Suzuki has taken this long to consider a production run for the model. Unless the company knows something that we don’t, it’s hard to fathom that there hasn’t been any confirmation on this regard, especially now that rivals like Kawasaki are preparing their own powerful middleweights.

If Suzuki really wants to regain some of the luster it lost in the industry, green lighting the production version of the Recursion Concept is a good first step in accomplishing that goal.

Suzuki Recursion Concept

The Suzuki Recursion Concept was promised to be a game changer in the motorcycle world: a powerful sports bike that came with a light and nimble handling body. It was the bike that was largely thought of as one of the best examples of the industry’s ongoing shift to building powerful bikes that run on light bodies, becoming less like the steely monoliths that didn’t offer anything past smoky burnouts.

When it was introduced at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, The Recursion Concept showcased a lot of what’s possible for the future of Suzuki’s the sports bike line. It had a dramatic and admittedly attractive sport bike styling that belied its true character as a powerful machine that packed a 588cc parallel-twin engine. The liquid-cooled runner was deemed capable of producing 100 horsepower at 8,000 rpm with an incredible peak torque of 74 pound-feet at 4,500 rpm, the kind of torque numbers you normally see in litre-bikes.

Bristling numbers aside, the Recursion Concept also benefits from having a dry weight of just 174 kg (384 pounds), which means that riders could also receive improved fuel consumption, thus providing extra range, which is always a good thing for bikes of this purpose.

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