Suzuki Thailand was keen on developing a scooter that would implement the most advanced technology features and the first result of their perseverance (actually two results) come up in the form of the SD 01 and the SD 02.

Recently presented at the Annual Bangkok International Auto Show, these two machineries have left everyone gauging and the truth is that they had big reasons. In my opinion they are the first ever Japanese scooters that managed to dethrone – in the public’s vision, of course – the Italian style and pure magic is the fact it beaten it with its own weapons.

Being very agile (probably electrically powered), comfortable (adjustable honeycomb styled seat) and aerodynamic, the two SD models also come up with advanced technologies, something that will be later unveiled to us.

LED lighting isn’t something to be often seen on scooters, but who says these two have anything in common with the usual?

Suzuki SD 01 and SD 02 open up the door of the latest generation of scooters
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Suzuki Concept

Source: thescooterscoop

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BMWM6  (488) posted on 06.17.2008

suzuki has done it again first the fastest production bike know an awesome scooter congrats

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