• Suzuki unveiled a small 49cc motocross for the young guns

Comes with auto clutch, keyed ignition and power limiter

Suzuki has announced a new product for the young greats of the motorcycle world, and a 49cc four-stroke motor powers it. Called the 2019 Suzuki DR-Z50, this small motocross machines provides the easiest access into the life of two-wheelers by being a simple and resilient machine to go frolicking around with.

It will have a strict competition only specs: sans a headlamp cluster, indicators or license plates; for hence cannot be registered to be used on the public roads. This motorcycles specifically offer electric start engines, a significantly lighter chassis, high ground clearance, long travel suspension and slimmer ergonomics to be able to move around the dirt and jump hills without any hindrance.

Suzuki unveiled a small 49cc motocross for the young guns Exterior
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The DR-Z50 features a reliable and easy-to-control, 49cc, 4-stroke engine clubbed onto an automatic clutch system that allows the kids to concentrate more onto the throttle and braking while seamlessly smooth shifting between the 3-speed transmission. The Push-button electric starting removes all hassles for the young guns, but Suzuki has smartly provided the Z50 with a backup kickstarter in case the battery goes dead.

Available only in the Championship Yellow color palette, the Z50 replicates the champion-approved RM-Z styling and graphics to help build confidence at a very young age. Suzuki has even given the bike keyed ignition and power limiter for easier adult supervision where parents can adjust its power levels to allow riders to learn the tricks at the necessary pace.

Suzuki unveiled a small 49cc motocross for the young guns Exterior
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Built to last generations, the built quality, and rugged construction is nothing to question about with the reliable engine and quality running gear always ensuring a smooth, controllable powerband for years to come. With just 119 lbs and 22 inches of seat height, it will accommodate almost anyone old enough to ride the motorcycle. Nonetheless, Suzuki recommends a minimum age of seven years old to ride the DR-Z50.

You won’t get any fancy long-travel suspension kit but gets an inverted fork with 3.8 inches travel. No disc brakes also, but you get adjustable front brake lever. U.S. MSRP for the 2019 DR-Z50 is $1,749. Suzuki provides a six-month limited warranty, and a variety of Genuine Suzuki Accessories for DR-Z50 families are available, including a large selection of Suzuki logo apparel.

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