Italian motorcycle manufacturer SWM appears to be very eager to get back into the business after being on the sidelines for the better part of 30 years. Yep, we last saw SWM back in 1984 but none of that matters now that the company has the financial backing of Chinese motorcycle company Shineray at its disposal.

The return of SWM is great for the motorcycle industry as it reintroduces a company that was widely revered back in the day for its impressive lineup of motocross and off-road motorcycles. As you can expect, the company’s return will also bring about the rebirth of a lot of these models, albeit repackaged to fit into the requirements of modern-day motocross racing.

All in all, SWM will be introducing seven new models when it makes its triumphant return later in the year. Most of them will continue to carry the brand’s trademark motocross roots with the exception of two road bikes, specifically the Scrambler-inspired Silver Vase 440 and the Gran Milano 440 streetfighter.

In somewhat of a surprise, SWM has priced these two road bikes as the cheapest of its seven new models. The Gran Milano, in particular, carries a price tag of just €5,400, which is about $5,900 based on current exchange rates. A little more expensive is the Silver Vase with a price tag of €5,800, or roughly around $6,300.

From there, the enduro bikes come next, specifically the RS300R at €6,250 ($6,800), the RS500R at €6,400 ($7,000), and the SM500R at €6,550 ($7,130). Finally, the two top of the line models, the RS650R and the SM650R, carry the highest price tags at €6,650 ($7,250) and €6,750 ($7,350), respectively.

The prices are right around the numbers I expected them to be, although I did find it a little surprising to see that the two road bikes were the cheapest ones of the lot. That led me to think that SWM will stick to its bread and butter and continue to build its new brand around its lineup of enduro and motocross motorcycles.

It’s a sound strategy considering that the company made a name for itself using a similar business map.

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Why it matters

Talk about a company that’s really going full steam ahead with its impending return to the big time. SWM isn’t wasting any punches either and you what, good for the company for taking this aggressive approach.

I would to if I was out of commission for so long, only to return thanks to the pockets of a Chinese company that probably didn’t need to buy my assets when it did. So thanks for the solid, Shineray. The hope here is that SWM can return to prominence with its new lineup of motocross and enduro bikes. The company’s also banking on its two road bikes to turn into popular models themselves, something I think has the chance of happening if the proper technology and the right styling are put in place.

Personally, I’m interested to see how the company does in its first year. That’s usually enough time to see whether the market has warmed up to the new models or whether there needs to be massive improvements made on updates in the future.

I hope SWM does well. I think that for everybody’s sake that it has a successful relaunch would. A lot of people have put too much time and effort, not to mention money in the case of Shineray for this rebirth to fall flat on its face.

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