Called the T-Cruise, all you get out of it is a whine. It’s all-electric.

You know things are actually getting serious when stalwarts like the Harley Davidson are putting their money and testing out electricity to power their machines. I am talking about their Project LiveWire that has been doing the rounds on the internet ever since they were showcased a couple of years ago.

Although it is not in for production for at least another half a decade, Harley created the Project LiveWire as a base to start a whole new endeavor with the newfound source.

Making use of the same source is an Italian company called Tacita that specializes in off-road machines. Now though, the Turin based company has expanded its wings and have invested in an all-electric cruiser motorcycle that was put to show at the American International Motorcycle Expo last month.

Tacita is making an American Cruiser, but is not what you think. Exterior
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Christened as the T-Cruise, it gets all the American ways of looking like a cruiser - long and low with raised bars and a large, single headlight. But that is where the comparisons end. Where you would rather see a large menacing V-twin, sits a 30kW electric motor, capable of 52 lb-ft of torque.

Yes, of course, you would not get the V-Twin rumble that decidedly is an ID proof of an American cruiser, but the engineers have given it a subtle whine that sounds like a jet engine of an F22 Raptor.

Tacita is making an American Cruiser, but is not what you think. Exterior
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This will, however, ruffle the feathers of loyalists, but all of this is in a bid to attract a whole new generation of customers that believe in making a difference to the environment. And for those who want to get all of that 52 lb-ft of torque at 0 rpm.

The T-Cruise will cover a wide range of customer bases since it can be optimised with a variety of optional power packs and accessory sets that can make the bike either affordable or even high-end. It comes with selectable power modes and adjustable ergonomic settings too.

Tacita is making an American Cruiser, but is not what you think. Exterior
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There are, in total, three different battery packs - 7.5 kWh base kit, 15 kWh, and the long-range 27 kWh that all comes in 120 V lithium-polymer battery packs. These battery packs last for 50 miles for the base kit and goes all the way up to 170 miles for the top of the line 27 kWh pack.

Coming to charging these huge batteries, Tacita gives an optional fast charger that replenishes 80 percent of the battery in under 40 minutes. Otherwise, they usually take from two to seven hours depending on the battery pack for a full recharge on a typical home socket using the standard onboard 3 kW charge.

Tacita is making an American Cruiser, but is not what you think. Exterior
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All this power made gets shifted through an in-house built five-speed cog and a chain drive with an optional belt drive.The rider can choose between two power delivery modes - Eco and Sport that alters the battery management system to enhance power delivery as needs arise. There is also a reverse gear for you to back up with ease.

Coming to stylings and other mechanicals, the T-Cruise comes equipped with a hand-stitched leather saddle, 3-positioned adjustable footpegs, optional rear bags in Italian eco-leather with 28 available colors, basic looking LCD tank mounted instrumentation and a few others.

Tacita is making an American Cruiser, but is not what you think. Exterior
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Suspension duties are carried by a set of non-adjustable conventional 41-mm front forks, and two piggyback shock absorbers with preload adjustment. Optionally, Tacita gives adjustable pressurized Ergal reservoir for the rear shocks. Braking is handled by 280 mm steel discs with Brembo calipers at the front and a 240 mm rear disc unit.

The T-Cruise is equipped with combined braking system (CBS) for safety and a superior braking experience. These brakes also act as he regenerative units that allows recharging the battery when decelerating.

Official pricing is out and will cost you $10,999 for the base 7.5 kWh model, $14,999 for 15 kWh and the top of the line 27 kWh for $24,999. Although the notion of availability is still scarce, Tacita is in the process of setting up a dealer network in the US.

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