Not what I would call the alternative for crowded cities but it sure looks like a alternative of the Segway

Tango Motorcycle is a vehicle which uses the technology from the Segway but with great positive differences. Elaborated by some ingenious high school students from Canada, the Tango is a really unique motorcycle-type vehicle that uses the same balance-based technology for control. The most important difference is that the Tango places its wheels next to each other rather then having them in front of each other. In order to maneuver the vehicle the rider perches above them and leans forward to accelerate, back to slow down, and side to side to turn. This is a completely electric vehicle, meaning it has no emissions, and that is why it reaches a top speed of only 40 mph. But let’s face it: it doesn’t look pathetic as the Segway and it looks like a lot of fun also.

Who knows? Maybe if those students are lucky enough and the news reaches the right pair of ears soon we’ll be riding this think.

What do you think?
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