The Tiger 1050 was officially launched to the press back in November in Marbella, Southern Spain. Triumph chose this location based on its warm and sunny climate – perfect for testing bikes. However the weather was against the UK journalists who had to test the Tiger 1050 in torrential rain – apparently the worst weather Marbella has seen for 20 years!

Chris Moss, writing for Motorcycle Sport and Leisure magazine, saw the silver lining on the dark clouds in the sky as the wet weather allowed the Tiger 1050 to prove its manageability and ease of control. The demanding mountain roads of the test route combined with the wet conditions meant that the bike needed to be trustworthy and have a good overall balance – the Tiger 1050 was up for this challenge. The superb and sure-footed chassis along with the smooth, responsive engine allowed the bike to be tested with confidence in the tricky conditions. Chris praised the slim, athletic and modern features of the new bike and declared the 1050cc triple engine as torquey, tractable and ‘one of the most impressive powerplants in motorcycling.’ Also highly commended were the plush yet supportive suspension, the light, quick steering and the progressive and powerful brakes.

MS&L concluded that the Tiger 1050 is a ‘friendly, effective, efficient, comfortable, quick, competent and highly satisfying motorcycle that’s a real pleasure to ride in or out of town.’ The main fault with the bike? ‘It’s so tempting to ride, it might wreck the odd marriage!’

Jon Urry, the Deputy Editor of TWO, found that the Tiger 1050, comprising of a brand new frame, seat, tank, suspension and wheel, ‘hits the nail on the head and it’s what a big trailie should be’. Faced with the same horrendously wet riding conditions, Jon felt planted to the road and reassured by the new 17” wheels, whilst the new geometry and the dramatic weight-loss of the bike (17kg to be exact) helped the bike to turn faster. The Tiger 1050 is a ‘far better handling bike than the…competition’. The 1050cc triple engine is ‘beautiful’, delivering smooth power and strong low-down torque whilst maintaining loads of character – perfect for touring on all types of roads. The new Tiger 1050 is a ‘rider-friendly bike’ with ‘excellent features’, of particular note the metal tank so magnetic tank bags can be used. This is complemented by Triumph’s range of accessories, including a taller screen, gel seat and panniers. TWO liked the Tiger 1050 so much, they awarded it 5 stars.

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