A Celebration Of Pre- And Post-War Era Motorcycles

GEICO Motorcycle celebrates the decennial of its Quail Motorcycle Gathering this year on May 5th at the beautiful Quail Lodge & Golf Club in Carmel, California. This event is a must-see for anyone who is seriously passionate about motorcycles whether you’re into speed, custom bikes, antiques or some combination thereof. Fans of the show will likely recognize this as just one of the excellent Peninsula Hotels’ Signature Motoring Events that also includes The Quail Rally, The Quail Ride and The Quail: A Motorsports Gathering. See a pattern here? You should, ’cause these folks are all about ’vroom and zoom’ and they know how to put on a world-class motor show. Don’t believe it? Take a look at their site and get back to me. In addition to its usual fare (if you could call such machines ’usual’), the Quail Motorcycle Gathering adds three new categories this year, including one very special class.

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What’s It All About?

The Annual Quail Motorcycle Gathering Kicks Off In May
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The Annual Quail Motorcycle Gathering Kicks Off In May
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The Quail Motorcycle Gathering celebrates “the Evolution of the Motorcycle, honoring both pre- and post-war eras of the world’s finest sports and racing bikes.“

The Quail Motorcycle Gathering is proud to present these new special classes for our 2018 show,” said Gordon McCall, director of motorsports for The Peninsula Signature Events. “We love the idea of featuring bikes that not only pay homage to the timeless purity of motorcycling, but also give insight into the future of the motorcycle industry. We are also thrilled to feature some of the wildest bikes ever built straight from the minds - and collection - of the Ness family, who are legends both in the bike world and here in Northern California."

That’s right sports fans, the Ness Family gets its own spotlight this year. Most of us are familiar with the name, but for the uninitiated, Arlen Ness is more-or-less considered biker royalty for his vision and efforts to cultivate the custom bike culture on our side of the pond. Ness products have a distinctive swoop and flow about them, and whether or not it’s your cup of tea, there’s no denying their artistic value.

Where Is It Going?

The Annual Quail Motorcycle Gathering Kicks Off In May
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The Annual Quail Motorcycle Gathering Kicks Off In May
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Showcasing an electric bike class and cafe' racer exhibit.

Additionally, attendees will be treated to a taste of the cutting edge with an electric bike class that definitely showcases where the industry is (likely) headed and acts as a nice balance against the antiques. We can also expect to see a cafe’ racer exhibit that features modern rides as well as classic ones, and why not? Cafe’s are all the rage right now, and popular with the Millennials who are rapidly emerging as the target for companies looking to survive the demise of the Boomer generation and, from what I’ve seen, have excellent taste in classic motorcycle design.

Pre-sale tickets for the one-day event will set you back $75, and this gets you a farm-to-table lunch, entertainment and family-friendly fun, so go ahead and bring out the pets and the kids. Check out the site and secure your tickets today.

As always, if you plan on heading up the PCH for this event be safe, keep it between the paint and shiny-side up.

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Source: The Quail Motorcycle Gathering

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