When you talk about two wheels there are few chances you won’t be expressing your love for races, a fully opened throttle, the way it sounds, the smell of burned gasses and eventually rubber. But, in contrast with all this, big motorbike houses create increasingly restrictive rules concerning pollution and they invest big bucks in learning how to effectively exploit biological fuel.

A very interesting example is the work done by Team Alstare, which ever since 2007 has spend time developing small engines for bikes and quads which are planned to run on bio fuel.

The big objective of this practice is to improve the process in which the plant becomes fuel in order to obtain a stronger bang, optimizing this way the costs and properly exploiting the resources.

And if you were thinking that all this is only bla bla bla and nothing consistent, I must tell you that a remarkable result is an agricultural quad powered by a mixture of 85% bioethanol and 15% gasoline. Also, Alstare presented a GSX-R1000 Superstock prototype using the same recipe and keeping the proportions.

The culmination point was on the track of Monza where Alan Cathcart made a demonstration of power on the two revolutionary wheels. The machine, made in Belgium, is now a benchmark bio racing engines.

Let’s just hope that in a few years, respecting the EU regulations, there will be attempts of Superbike and MotoGP ecological races. The ice was broken and big results wait on the corner!

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