• The Mayor of London wants manufacturers to make motorcycles harder to steal

To cut down the rampant thefts happening in the capital

Motorcycle theft is a growing criminal activity in certain parts of the world. Things in London, however, is in a different level altogether. There were over 14,000 motorcycle thefts reported in London the last year and 23,430 crimes were committed using motorcycles that were stolen of course.

On an average, 65 bikes are stolen per day and to crack this atrocity, London Mayor Sadiq Khan invited a few manufacturers to a summit on moped crime at the City hall a couple of days ago. He spoke about manufacturers incorporating better anti-theft measures into their products to make it difficult for people to just whisk away bike without authorization.

The Mayor of London wants manufacturers to make motorcycles harder to steal
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Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, BMW, and Piaggio were present at the said summit and were diligently requested to take more responsibilities towards public safety by making their motorcycles less vulnerable to thefts.

The manufacturers have to device new accessories or have an inbuilt security measure including tracking facilities that could psychologically make thieves stay away from the act. The Mayor said: “It is essential that the manufacturers step up to help us tackle this problem at the source. Put simply, the design of motorcycles make them far too easy to steal, and this must be dealt with head-on at the point of design if we are to rid our streets of these crimes.”

The Mayor of London wants manufacturers to make motorcycles harder to steal
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Mopeds happen to be the soft targets since they are very easy to get their handlebars unlocked and ignition started easier than motorcycles. An alarming 620% of scooters were stolen compared to the previous year. The rampant theft rate has prompted rider protests asking for Greater London to install more ground anchor points for riders to chain their bikes.

"Moped crime is reckless, frightening and intimidating and it will not be tolerated on the streets of London. The Mayor views this crime as an extremely serious offense and fully supports the police to crack down on perpetrators." reads the official website of the Mayor of London.

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