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The Most Powerfull Sportsbikes against The Tesla Plaid Is Now Fair Game

Tesla Model S vs. Hayabusa vs. ZX-14R Drag Race

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Carlos Lago from Edmunds pits a brand new Tesla Model S Plaid, with 1000bhp against a Suzuki Hayabusa and a Kawasaki ZX-14R on the drag strip. We might be used to motorbikes pretty much destroying any supercar you care to mention but it seems that electricity might have the edge here.

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We’ve always loved car vs. bike drag races because the cars usually get creamed by the bikes, no matter how expensive or powerful the cars might be.

However, as this video shows, bikes might have met their match with the new Tesla Model S Plaid (terrible name, by the way). Carlos Lago from assembled the aforementioned Tesla and two hyperbikes, in the form of a Suzuki Hayabusa and a Kawasaki ZX-14R at Willow Springs racetrack.

Now, the Tesla develops the equivalent of 1020bhp! OK, so overall weight is 4842lbs, but that’s still a very impressive power-to-weight ratio. The Hayabusa produces 188bhp and weighs 582lbs. The Kawasaki develops 208bhp and weighs 593lbs. Now, I’m no mathematician, but that means the car is roughly eight times heavier than the bikes but only five times more powerful.

However, if we look at it in terms of power-to-price, the bikes win handsomely. The Tesla will set you back $131,000 while the ’Busa costs $19,000 and the ZX-14R $15,600. That’s a lot of bang for your buck.

What follows is rather unexpected and depressing if you’re a motorcycle fan. Against the Tesla, the Hayabusa is soundly trounced, suffering because the rider simply can’t keep the front wheel down. That’s from a standing start, but even with a rolling start, the Tesla wins (when the bike doesn’t jump the start, that is).

Against the Kawasaki, well, it might be closer, but again the Tesla prevails.

So, there you have it: a video that sucks if you’re a motorcycle fan!

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