Bikers who reach the end of the road usually have no regrets, except the fact that they didn’t get the chance to ride some more. That’s where the motorcycle hearse intervenes. Designed and built by Mike Price from Auckland, New Zealand, this is probably the coolest way for a person who has dedicated an entire life to the road to set off to his/her resting place.

Price is actually an automotive engineer, so when the idea came to mind, he wanted to do this the right and official way, meaning he asked Harley-Davidson to take a look at his project. They wanted a lengthy contract, so Price decided that the motorcycle hearse would be created by him during his spare time. Said and done. He did use a 1,350 cc H-D V-twin motor and made sure the hearse would be able to carry up to 440 lbs in between the wheels, where the coffin sits.

Because the bike had to be much longer than any standard Harley, it is now ridden by two persons and it is much safer this way. Also, a system of complex system of hydraulics helps stabilize the bike and once at the destination, the rig slides out with only a push of a button. Hit the jump for the videos.

Source: autoblog

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