This motorcycle hasn’t yet been released but we could find out that it will incorporate the latest CBR600RR engine in order to meet the latest emission laws.

Honda is about to release the updated version of its CBF600 for 2008. As a real sport-tourer, the future CBF600 will feature the latest CBR600RR engine, the same engine that you will find in the new Hornet600. The old CBF motor, derived from an earlier CBR600 motorcycle met Euro 2 laws but not the latest standards so the engine change is understood to come due to the need to meet Euro 3 emission laws.

The chassis will be redesigned to allow the new engine to be fitted in place and except the slight changes on the fairing’s design the bike will remain pretty much the same.

This motorcycle is expected to enter production in September, before the rest of Honda’s 2008 lineup.

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