The Bayerische Motoren Werke has been teasing us for months now. Since the release of the base-model R nineT, Beemer has had to scramble, if you will forgive the pun, to increase production to meet demand. Although this is a nice problem to have, I have to wonder if Beemer isn’t about to compound the issue now that the much-anticipated Scrambler is finally hitting showroom floors.

Based on the R nineT “Roadster,” the Scrambler comes set up for a more dirt-centric riding style for riders who like to swing both ways (giggety!), but in a more street-friendly package than, say, enduro models. Scramblers fall into the bevy of “retro” models we are seeing from nearly every quarter as of late, and I for one think it’s great, even though many are more faithful to the original concepts.

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Is It Enough?

To be fair, BMW isn’t billing this as a replica or a remake, though it does hit many of the design high points — enough so that you can tell what it is meant to emulate without even asking for a name. The only question I have now is if they learnt a lesson from the Roadster shortages and have enough Scramblers queued up to cover demand. Looks like I am about to find out.

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