• There’s Mad and then there’s riding to the south pole mad

Two Royal Enfield Himalayans, 500 miles, 39 days, two men with a death wish

What better way of proving a motorcycle than with a near-impossible journey? And what could be more impossible than riding to the south pole, in -40°C temperatures? Which will give out first, the bikes or the riders?

Royal Enfield Celebrates 120 Years By Attempting the near-impossible

When Royal Enfield adopted the line, ’Built for All Roads, Built for No Roads’, did they ever imagine to what lengths some would go to prove it?

In a project titled 90° South, two riders, both employees of Royal Enfield in India, will ride RE Himalayan bikes 478 miles to the South Pole over what they estimate will be 39 days. The bikes will be virtually stock, apart from studded, tubeless tyres, slightly revised gearing and changes to the electronics to enable them to cope with -40°C temperatures.

There's Mad and then there's riding to the south pole mad
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39 Days Of Freezing Hell
Two riders, two Royal Enfield Himalayan 411cc bikes and a lot of snow!

There will be support trucks accompanying them which, if that sounds like cheating, the you have to realise that without them, it would certainly be a suicide mission.

There's Mad and then there's riding to the south pole mad
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They Will Have Back Up
Without a full back-up team, it would surely be a suicide mission

What makes it all the more insane is that neither rider has ridden very much on snow or ice and, just to add that extra burden of expectation, they will be following the path taken by the explorer Scott on one of his expeditions.

There's Mad and then there's riding to the south pole mad
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Temperatures Down To -40°C
With wind chill added in, they’ll be lucky to escape frostbite

The expedition is set to begin on the 26th of November, with Royal Enfield staff riders Santosh Vijay Kumar (Rides and Community Lead) and Dean Coxson (Product Development senior engineer) landing in Novo and spending the first 3 days acclimatising to the Antarctic continent and its brutal weather.

There's Mad and then there's riding to the south pole mad
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But It Should Be Spectacular
There will be moments like this that will make it all worth it

From Novo the team will ride south for 12 days to reach the Indian Research Station on the Ross Ice Shelf. Only there, on the 14th December, does the 770 kilometre / 478 mile trek to the South Pole begin and should be completed by the 21st December. Quite why they couldn’t leave out the first 12 days of riding and just do the bit from the Ross Ice Shelf to the South Pole is not made clear.

There's Mad and then there's riding to the south pole mad
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Follow Their Progress
You can keep up with their progress on the Royal Enfield website

From the South Pole, they then ride to Union Glacier where they will catch a flight home.

If you want to support the team in their efforts, Royal Enfield is also providing you with the chance to support the duo by uploading a club badge for their flag and/or a voice note with words of encouragement to the official 90 South website

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