• This Custom Honda Cub Is Deep-rooted In Italian Suave

Built by Bali-based Deus Customs, almost all parts you see here have either been tweaked or completely changed

Honda Cubs are so popular amongst custom bikemakers, that most custom examples based on the celebrated Japanese icon, are all starting to look the same now. So when a customer brought in his 1979 Honda C100 to Bali-based Deus Customs, they opted to take the road untaken with the build.

The result? A smashing custom Honda Cub that is deep-rooted in Italian suave!

Custom Honda Cub 100 By Deus Customs

This Custom Honda Cub Is Deep-rooted In Italian Suave
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Inspired by Italian mopeds, the base for this build was a 1979 Honda C100. Not a lot of the stock C100 remains, though, as Deus took no time to strip off all its parts.

Once stripped, the team created handcrafted aluminum leg shields inspired by old-school Vespas and Lambrettas. Along with this, smaller, sleeker front and rear fenders were put into place, keeping everything in line with the revised design.

This Custom Honda Cub Is Deep-rooted In Italian Suave
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Check out this Italian-inspired Honda Cub built by Deus Customs, based out of Indonesia

This is coupled with an LED headlight, knurled aluminum pegs, the custom shop’s badges all around, and a custom brown suede seat. These beautifully finished components ensure excellent attention to detail.

Bringing everything together is a ravishing dark green livery topped by chrome on the leg covers, the Yamaha RX-135-borrowed handlebar, and the aftermarket spoke wheels.

This Custom Honda Cub Is Deep-rooted In Italian Suave
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Just like with the body panels, Deus paid attention to the engine too, uprooting it and fitting in a bevy of custom parts including a new piston, gearbox, and clutch

On the performance front, Deus uprooted the stock 49cc single-cylinder mill (yes, it has a 49cc heart even with a ‘100’ in its name) and plonked in new innards including the clutch, gear, bearings, and gaskets. A bigger piston along with a rebored cylinder and a custom pea-shooter exhaust is also part of the changes.

While the new output is unknown, expect this Cub to be peppier than the stock 4.5 horsepower version.

This Custom Honda Cub Is Deep-rooted In Italian Suave
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No time was wasted to strip off all of its stock parts and make way for the custom bits

Like the engine, the braking and suspension setup are revamped as well. The Cub now packs a disc brake at the front and aftermarket shocks at the rear, both aimed at improving the riding experience.

Can You Buy It?

This Custom Honda Cub Is Deep-rooted In Italian Suave
- image 1078727
For more details on this peppy lil’ Cub, swipe up and read our full story.

Sadly, you can’t. As mentioned above, Deus did this custom project for a customer who’s probably enjoying his commutes aboard this workhorse, as we speak.

However, if you’re in Bali and have a donor bike to spare, you can check out Deus’ website and get in touch with them.

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