This Electric Conversion Kit Transforms Your BMW Motorcycle Into An EV

Don’t start dreaming about an electric S 1000 RR just yet as this kit applies only to BMW’s retro R-series models

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Have you ever wished you could just swap your ICE bike’s engine with an electric motor, essentially going electric without breaking the bank? Well, it looks like your wish has come true, as Netherland-based Luuc Muis Creations (LMC) has introduced an electric conversion kit for BMW R-series bikes.

LMC Electric Conversion Kit For BMW R-series Motorcycles

This Electric Conversion Kit Transforms Your BMW Motorcycle Into An EV
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Now, electric conversion kits aren’t a new concept, and there are plenty of these on the market. But most of them simply swap the engine with a big, bulky battery pack creating a somewhat weird aesthetic, and this is where the LMC kit shines.

Not only does the kit retain the chassis, tank, and tires, but it also manages to keep the Boxer engine design intact! How? Well, the team found a way to remove the engine internals and replace them with an electric powertrain while retaining most of the engine casings and the gearbox. As a result, you get a fairly normal electric motorcycle that keeps the signature protruding Boxer engine design intact.

This Electric Conversion Kit Transforms Your BMW Motorcycle Into An EV
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Thanks to the fairly low space at hand, the conversion kit only packs a 4.3kWh battery good enough for only 50 miles of range. However, LCM claims it plans to introduce bigger batteries in the future, offering double or triple range. Battery aside, the team promises a torquey ride every time you take the e-motorcycle for a spin, even claiming that it does power wheelies. Now, that’s what we like!

To increase the value-for-money factor, the conversion kit also brings with it an LED headlight, rear-set footpegs, USD forks, monoshock, and a custom seat, essentially modernizing the entire bike rather than just the powertrain.

This Electric Conversion Kit Transforms Your BMW Motorcycle Into An EV
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Like the kit? Then, wait no more, head to LMC’s website, and get in touch with them for more details and expected pricing. Oh, and even if you don’t have a BMW R-series donor bike, fret not, LMC claims this kit is compatible with several other old-school bikes with a couple of tweaks.

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The LMC conversion kit sounds like a game-changer in the world of conversion kits. However, the company is yet to reveal the full specs (motor capacity, charging time, and the number of cycles) which will define whether this becomes a viable go-to option for retro bike owners.

If you had a retro bike lying around, would you slap on this kit or restore it the usual way? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Luuc Muis Creations

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