Aprilia, Ducati, Triumph, Harley, Vespa and Kawasaki rendered

I know what you are thinking. Companies like Honda, BMW, Suzuki, and Peugeot are already making both cars and motorcycles. They have successfully managed both the shows and show no signs of aging or trouble to either one because of the other. Yamaha is also trying to get a piece of the four-wheeled world with ‘The Sports Ride’ concept.

But what if exotic motorcycle makers like Ducati, Harley, Triumph, Aprilia, Kawasaki, and Vespa made cars? It would be awesome, of course, but how would they look like? Well, we might have an answer to that. Thanks to the chaps at Jennings Harley-Davidson, a dealership with shops in both Leeds and Gateshead in the UK. They are at it again.

They’ve designed six absolutely bonkers automobile concepts that distill visual cues and character of what the company actually makes.

1. Aprilia off-roader

This is how cars will look if motorcycle manufacturers make them Exterior
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Aprilia Off-Roader

Aprilia has been firing on all pistons to give the world class leading performance motorcycles that make the riding aphrodisiac’s hearts racing. Known for their maddening RSV4 superbikes and their bonkers Factory Works spin-offs, Jennings chose to take inspirations from the “True Thrill Generator”, the Dorsoduro 900 adventure crossover.

Developed by the Aprilia Racing Department, this off-roader on fours can easily take on the sand dunes of the middle-east. Designed for maximum fun, it comes with rally lights and thick roll cages all around. Typical Aprilia paintjob on the bodywork looks the part.

2. Ducati track-day

This is how cars will look if motorcycle manufacturers make them Exterior
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Ducati Track-Day

First showcased at the EICMA motor show in Milan 2015, the Diavel took all eyeballs for a trippy show. Long and low, with sleek and sexy lines, forward controls and a low seat height, this bike was something entirely new from the Italian company known the world over for blending impeccable design and high-performance machines. Something like putting purists into a realm of more content and less bitter.

This track-day car gets all of the panache of the Diavel including the swoopy lines, naked roll cage/frame and the exhaust pipes. The face might just be a little overdone with the overly-large headlamps, but this track version is sure to entice you with all the fun on a proper track-day. All the wind blowing on your face, the loud screaming exhaust, and no doors. Perfect.

3. Harley-Davidson Hot Rod

This is how cars will look if motorcycle manufacturers make them Exterior
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Harley-Davidson Hot Rod

Big engines, the ear-shattering bark of the exhaust and pompous presence on the road. This has been Harley’s every day at the office. They have always looked old, classic and so American, and have been the darlings of custom workshops across the world.

To keep the spirit and sense of freedom associated with Harley-Davidsons, Jennings seems it fitting to have a hot rod automobile to pay homage to the Milwaukee brand. Whitewalls, spoked wheels, train-ish headlights, stunning front-fenders, large engines with larger exhaust routings, it’s all in there.

4. Kawasaki Spyder

This is how cars will look if motorcycle manufacturers make them Exterior
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Kawasaki Spyder

The Green Team has put up a spectacular show with their gut-wrenching supercharged superbikes, the H2s’, a fancy new superbike with a semi-active electronic suspension, the ZX-10R SE and all the other Ninjas’ that have been rolling onto our streets and tracks ever since 1984 with GPZ900R.

Being a top Japanese sports bike manufacturer, Kawasaki knows a thing or two about looking pretty and going fast. Since those are its best suites, it was naturally rendered to make a fast-paced supercar. Looking almost like a Lambo, this black and green machine, typical of Kawasaki, gets bodywork designed in wind tunnels and a colossal aero at the rear. That has always meant being stupidly fast.

5. Triumph Muscle

This is how cars will look if motorcycle manufacturers make them Exterior
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Triumph Muscle

We know that there was a time when Triumph had a car making division too with founder Siegfried Bettmann in Coventry. This time, the Triumph car seen here derives inspirations from the USA, especially from the Mustangs’ and the Camaros’.

A low stance presence may not be the car you would want to buy, but this sure looks good. The American muscle theme is seen pretty strong here with front fender lips almost scraping the ground and the wheel arches canopying the wheels outwards. This convertible also gets enormous exhausts at the sides to make this sound angry.

6. Vespa Beetle

This is how cars will look if motorcycle manufacturers make them Exterior
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Vespa Beetle

Vespa takes the best of fine Italian dressing and packs it in a niche retro silhouette. It became a cornucopia of sorts for people wanting a machine that could bring them back in time and re-live the classic age. People love Vespa or merely hate their classic vintage looks. The Italians know how to make picturesque and stylish designs and are reflected in their scooters even in recent times.

The Vespa Beetle has the ability to make you an overnight star. The retro stance of the car has been perfectly sculpted with some very cool looking bodywork tethered to futuristic design bits and features, giving the car a very elusive appeal. Coming from Italy, this car can take you around the small cobbled streets of the country and give you the vintage charm.

Source: Jennings Harley-Davidson

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