• This R 1200 GS will get your kid invested right from the beginning

Comes with a 6V battery and 2.5mph speeds

The greats of the motorcycle world have always had in their stride since the very beginning of their life. You look at every legendary figure of the motorsports world, one thing they have in common is their passion for things on two wheels from a very young age, some even when they have just begun to walk and talk.

Made by Rollplay, a toy company, this little GS is aimed at children aged three and above – and is the perfect introduction to two wheels for the little one in your family.

This R 1200 GS will get your kid invested right from the beginning Exterior
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Rollplay dedicates itself to providing high-quality, featured wheeled goods that fuel safe, independent, and mobilized fun for kids. Rollplay offers some of the most realistic designs in the industry, and all come with a long list of innovative features.

This tiny R 1200 GS is the company’s first two-wheeled toy vehicle and is powered by a 6-volt battery that can travel at speed up to 2.5 mph. You can find features like a horn and engine sounds, working LED headlights, windscreen, light-up dashboard, chrome features, and more. It takes between eight to 12 hours for a full charge.

This R 1200 GS will get your kid invested right from the beginning Exterior
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The motorcycle will feature similar design elements borrowed from the original 1200 GS with a complete braking, suspension, exhaust and the twin boxer engine replica. The bodywork is also accurately depicted just as in the original GS. The only addition will be the side rolling wheels that will prevent the bike from tipping off, keeping your kids safe.

In addition to this motorcycle, the manufacturer Rollplay also offers quads, cars, scooters, Segways and even a GS-inspired trike too.

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