Honda Motorcycle unveiled eight world premieres at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show 2009 on October 21.

The CB1100 was developed for discriminating adults as a new standard Naked model featuring an aircooled inline four-cylinder engine. "Generosity" was a keyword of this model’s development, and rather than aiming strictly for high-spec performance, its riding feel and eye-catching styling, both at stop and on the move, were also all carefully considered.

The CB1300 BOL D’OR features a more upright riding position and a newly redesigned rear cowl adorned with new left and right side split grab rails. A Combined-ABS version is also available.

The EV-CUB delivers ample power through the electric motors integrated into both its wheels and the batteries mounted in its aluminum frame.

The EVE-neo is an EV concept model designed for business use, such as post and delivery services. Its symbolic design combines a clean, modern New Value image and rugged, reliable styling.

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Expanding the possibilities of the motorcycle

To make motorcycles more accessible to a greater variety of people, and to help people realize their dreams, Honda continuously strives to produce unique products that our customers will enjoy. This philosophy is embodied in these concept models which are filled with originality and dream-fulfilling energy.

Powered by an air-cooled, inline-four engine, the CB1100 pleases the eye and stirs the emotions like no other naked machine.

The VFR1200F sports tourer combines advanced Honda technology with refined styling.

The VFR 1200F Dual Clutch Transmission features the world’s first* dual clutch transmission.

Then there’s the incredible VT1300CX ‘High-Neck’ cruiser, a fusion of avant-garde cruiser design and sophisticated Honda technology.

Looking for something eco-friendly? The electric commuter concept bikes EV-Cub and EVE-neo are leading the way to motorcycles of the future.

From machines offering new riding sensations to bikes that help the environment, there’s something for every rider and every taste. Welcome to Honda’s unique world of motorcycling and enjoy our diverse line ups.

The immortal cub EV-Cub shows the way to the future

Tokyo 2009: Honda unveils eight world premieres
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Honda EV-Cub

For more than half a century the faithful Super Cub has been dutifully doing its job for riders around the world. To ensure that this iconic yet proud little motorbike can continue to live on far into the future, Honda is developing the EV-Cub, a next-generation concept model. Mounting a powerful battery at the center of an aluminum die-cast frame, the all-electric EV-Cub is slim and even more compact than the original Cub. This minimalist form gives the EV-Cub a new, more minimalist look. Its 2-wheel drive system uses a wheel-in-motor layout, and there’s a largecapacity storage space under the seat. That’s right, the EV-Cub is designed to be just as functional and convenient as its world famous predecessor.

Born of technology developed for the ASIMO bipedal humanoid robot is a new form of personal mobility: U3-X

Always seeking to create new mobility in harmony with people, Honda developed the U3-X one-wheel personal mobility device to let people ride with the same flexibility as when they are walking. The compact one-wheel structure of the U3-X puts the rider at approximately the same height as when walking and allows motion in every direction— forward, backward, sideways and diagonally— without the need to turn the vehicle. Incorporating balance technology from the ASIMO bipedal humanoid robot, the U3-X maintains an upright position by imitating human walking, in which a person tends to step into the direction of a fall to retain balance. The result is a radical new form of personal mobility.

An emotional 4-cylinder naked for mature riders

Tokyo 2009: Honda unveils eight world premieres
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Honda CB1100

Powered by an air-cooled, 4-stroke, inline-4 DOHC engine, this gutsy road sports model proudly bears the CB name symbolic of Honda motorcycles. ‘Big Hearted,’ was the development concept for this remarkable machine that was designed for three simple aims: easy riding, to be seen on and to be looked at. Rather than high power, it pursues great riding quality and a muscular riding appearance. And because the big CB has the weight and compactness of a 750cc, it offers superb maneuverability and is very rider-responsive. With its air-cooled inline-4 engine, and also available with ABS, the CB1100 is a modern expression of traditional motorcycling ideals — a motorcycle for mature riders.

A CB1100 Custom that pays homage to its roots, the WGP racers

This concept model signifies one of the directions for CB1100 customization. Tank color with Italian red and exclusive stripes, a compact sized bikini cowl, single seat, and dual short megaphones muffler bring out a new distinctive characteristic of the CB’s personality. The inspiration for this design comes from the Honda’s RC racers which won many world championships on the grand prix circuit during the 1960’s.

A fusion of advanced technology & refined styling a sports tourer for mature riders

Since its debut in 1986, the VFR has been one of the most highly acclaimed sports tourers in the world. With its refined styling and advanced Honda technology, the VFR offers an impressive balance of sporty performance and touring functionality. Powered by a newly designed 1,200cc V4 engine, the VFR1200F features a new shaft drive system combined with Throttle-By-Wire throttle bodies that ensure sporty performance and a sophisticated ride quality. The Combined ABS brake system features powerful 6-piston calipers and delivers impressive and reassuring braking performance. And to ensure maximum comfort on your long-distance rides, the VFR1200F is fitted with a compact and highly functional fairing, a comfortable and stylishly designedunit foam seat, and switches designed for easier operation. This sports touring machine for the mature rider engenders both pride of ownership and a well-deserved feeling of superiority.

The ‘High-Neck’ cruiser — a fusion of distinguished cruiser design and sophisticated Honda technology

The new VT1300CX combines advanced Honda technology and reliability with the latest American trend of chopper styling : the high neck cruiser. The combination of a high head pipe and long front forks gives this machine an unmistakable presence, and Honda’s unique technology ensures great handling and high reliability. Every part on this eye-catching machine, from the simplified wiring to the design of the smallest components, reflects Honda craftsmanship and attention to detail. The powerful engine is a liquid-cooled, OHC V-Twin displacing 1,300cc and kicking out huge torque and a pulse feel that will put a smile on your face. Advanced technology includes Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) for good fuel economy and low emissions. An ABS equipped model is also available. Great looks, superb performance and a smooth ride — let the VT1300CX introduce you to the exciting world of cruising.

Retro custom — the VT1300CX goes classic

The VT1300CR features simplified wiring, and carefully crafted parts with meticulous design, all with a quality that equals the VT1300CX. Deeply valanced fenders and a low & long layout make the CR a full-on retro custom. What better way to ride into the past.

The ultimate in radicalized styling — a street custom from the VT1300 series

Looking for a classy way to express yourself? The VT1300CS is an urban custom featuring a slim 21-inch front wheel, a fat 15-incher on the rear and a sleek silhouette of a stretched and narrow tank. These and other design elements give the VT1300 CS its distinguished character, style and an unmistakable presence.

Wild & full of life — the new Shadow is here!

The Shadow Phantom is a wilder, more uninhibited version of the Shadow <750>. Short fenders and a stylized front fork give the Phantom a fighting stance, and its dark finish and black paint express a wild and muscular style.

Large windscreen, capacious pannier case & comfortable touring — a new CB1300 built for long distance touring

Tokyo 2009: Honda unveils eight world premieres
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The CB 1300 SUPER TOURING <ABS> was developed based on the CB1300 SUPER FOUR and CB1300 SUPER BOL D’OR. The CB1300 SUPER TOURING <ABS> is loaded with features to make long-distance touring more comfortable. Modifications include a more upright riding position and a wider windscreen than the CB1300 SUPER BOL D’OR model for improved wind protection. Comfort during long-distance high-speed touring is significantly improved. Stylish pannier cases have a 29-liter capacity* and are standard equipment. The engine comes from the CB1300 SUPER FOUR, and options include a navigation system and grip heaters. To provide ample power for accessories, a high-output AC generator is fitted which ensures plenty of electrical power even at idle. For safety, Honda’s Combined ABS brake system is fitted as standard equipment.

More comfort & more refined the ultimate naked sports bike

Developed around the concept “PROJECT BIG-1,” the CB1300 SUPER FOUR came onto the scene in 1998, making this naked sports bike the ultimate CB. Now, in addition to a more upright riding position, the seating position makes it easier to reach the ground. Styling upgrades include a reshaped seat cowl and separate right-and-left grab rails The ABS-equipped model features Combined ABS.

A sports tourer with the performance & design that experienced riders will appreciate

The CB1300 BOL D’OR debuted in 2005 and was developed based on the CB1300 SUPER FOUR. It features a half-cowl for improved wind protection, and offers superb riding stability. Now, like the CB1300 SUPER FOUR, the BOL D’OR gets a more upright riding position that makes it easier to reach the ground with your feet. The rear cowl has a sleeker design, and the right-and-left separated grab rails are fitted. The ABS-equipped model features the Combined ABS brake system.

Inheriting Honda’s racing DNA high-performance supersport flagship

This high-performance supersport model delivers incredible per formance. Improvement s include a new crankshaft with revised inertial mass that reduces torque fluctuations. The result is improved throt tle response during sports riding and improved ride quality. Other improvements include a clearer tail lamp lens, a sharper looking rear fender and new graphics which give the bike a racier image. In addition, the new machine is equipped with an electronically controlled ‘Combined ABS’ system specially developed for supersport bikes.

Leading supersport bike with superior performance now available with electronically controlled ‘Combined ABS’

This high performance supersport model is equipped with the world’s first* electronically controlled ‘Combined ABS’ for supersport bikes. This system uses electronic control for both the ABS and for the combined brake system that links the front and rear brakes. The result is very precise brake actuation and a significant improvement in reassured braking feel. The color scheme for this model expresses its spor ty character.

A windscreen & pannier cases for comfortable long-distance touring

Take a lus ty V-Twin engine equipped wi th Honda’s HFT (Human Friendly Transmission), wrap it in futuristic styling and the result is an automatic sports cruiser the likes of which the world has never seen. Think you’d like to take a long trip on the machine of the future and see where it leads? Then slap on a pair of side bags and a windscreen and hit the highway. The DN-01 Touring Concept — an upper middleclass touring machine for grown ups.

Quiet & clean — urban transport for the future intelligent, electric & smart

Tokyo 2009: Honda unveils eight world premieres
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Honda EVE-neo

Everyone wants clean and quiet transportation. The EVE-neo is a smart commuter developed to help realize that dream. As an electric vehicle, its design is clean and modern, but also tough and efficient to ensure its survival in the urban jungle. Imagine how different your city would be if more people used such quiet and clean machines. EVE-neo — aiming to create a new urban reality.

Functional, green & classy personal transportation for the new generation

The PCX is a global model soon to be introduced in ASEAN, Europe, the U.S. and Japan. Lightweight and compact, the PCX is very rider-friendly and very eco-friendly. The sophisticated design includes plenty of storage space, and the idle-stop system saves fuel and reduces CO2 emissions. And because it uses an ACG starter it is very quiet. Convenient, functional and easy to live with, the PCX sets the global standards for 125cc scooters.

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Rod  (825) posted on 10.23.2009

That CB1300 would great for touring around and those electric little bikes look fun.

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