Tom Tom has always been at the pinnacle of GPS evolution, having created a number of satnav devices that have become popular in the market today. The latest in a long line of GPS units is the new Rider motorcycle-specific device, considered as the evolution of Tom Tom’s popular line of units in recent years.

The specific nature of the new Rider GPS lends itself to the fact that motorcycle riders now have the benefit of a GPS unit to call their own and one that has an unprecedented level of input from the riders themselves. The new Rider GPS gives riders the freedom to choose their own routes, creating a unique level of personalized riding detail that’s configured to suit the needs and whims of riders everywhere. The device also features a plethora of features and specifications designed to give riders access to routes, maps, and terrains. Even better, the new GPS also allows riders to share their routes with their friends through upload integration into other Rider devices.

GPS units are important for riders, sometimes more so than their driver counterparts. That’s why the Rider GPS is being touted as a must-have device for riders everywhere, especially for those who may want to take their adventurous riding off the beaten path. The unit is suited for everything and anything that comes its way. It’s easily navigable, has a glove-friendly surface, and most importantly, is weatherproof.

Tom Tom has yet to attach a price tag to the new Rider GPS, though the device is scheduled to hit stores in April 2015.

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Why it matters

The Rider GPS’s features run long and deep, exhibiting the kind of new-age technology riders of all shapes and sizes can take advantage of when they’re itching to go on an adventurous ride or two.

Some of the unit’s more prominent features include route sharing, which allows riders to share routes with other riders before setting of on their adventure, ensuring that no one gets lost in the event they get separated from the group.

The unit’s weatherproof design makes it tough and sturdy, ready to rumble at the moment’s notice. Sunlight visibility allows the rider to maintain a comfortable amount of visibility, even when the sun’s out in full force. Trust me when I tell you, this kind of feature is all-too important, especially if you’re wearing helmets with dark-tinted visors.

In the event a rider can’t be too distracted from his ride, the Rider GPS can give out audio instructions through Bluetooth. All you need is a Bluetooth earpiece - an item sold separately - and you can take full advantage of this particularly handy function.

Let’s say riders want to take their bike for a spin on a specific race track. Well, the Rider GPS has them covered on that end, too. It’s got a Track Support system that allows the seamless integration of race track maps, making it easier to navigate their way around said course. Supposing riders want to record their trips and statistics, the Rider GPS also has recording and statistics features that allows for riding stats like speed and distance to be stored for future reference.

All in all, the Rider GPS is expected to be a boon for riders everywhere. It’s primarily the reason why those who are looking to get GPS units might want to hold of on that purchase until the unit comes out in stores on April 2015.

Source: Tom Tom

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