If you have decided to get a trike that will turn othr people head when you cross the street when you should consider a Tomahawk designed by Mystery Designs.

The Tomahawk is the world’s first Trike that "tilts" into turns like you do! When this "tilting mechanism" option is added, it allows for a new level of stability in handling and smoothness of ride. This optional Tilting Rear Suspension can also be added to ANY of our custom Trikes and almost ANY motorcycle.

The price for this beaty is $35000.

Source: Mystery design

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  (6023) posted on 10.5.2006

Mystery Designs trikes really do handle well with or without the Tiltster addition. I have been riding trikes for a long time and I have never had one that handles as well as mine does, and I dont have the tilting option.

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