Top Ten MotoGP Crash Saves
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Top Ten MotoGP Crash Saves

These guys are superhuman

We all know they are other worldly because of their talent for going impossibly fast. But it’s the insane crash saves that really set these guys apart from the rest of us.

Top Ten MotoGP Crash Saves

They are the fastest riders on the planet, piloting 280bhp missiles at mind-blowing speeds around a narrow ribbon of tarmac on tyre contact patches no larger than the palm of your hand.

But perhaps the real displays of talent (and luck, it has to be said) are when a rider escapes certain disaster and carries on as if nothing has happened. The rest of us would need to stop and change underwear and maybe have a long sit down, but not these guys.

So, sit back and marvel at the top ten most incredible saves from Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP during the second decade of the 21st century.

Top Ten MotoGP Crash Saves
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Not Quite A High-Side
Darryn Binder Was thrown out of the seat of his Moto3 bike while it was at 45 degrees to the direction of the race track
Top Ten MotoGP Crash Saves
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Hold On!
The natural instinct is to let go. Unless you’re a MotoGP rider
Top Ten MotoGP Crash Saves
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Whatever Happens: Finish The Race, Pt.1
Ajo lost it at the final chicane at Assen
Top Ten MotoGP Crash Saves
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Whatever Happens, Finish the Race, Pt.2
He then avoided hitting anything and crossed the line on his knees!
Top Ten MotoGP Crash Saves
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Rain Isn’t Fun
The rear wheel loses traction, then grips again, flicking the rider into the air. Most end in disaster: this one didn’t
Top Ten MotoGP Crash Saves
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Unavoidable, Pt.1
Kornfeil had nowhere to go..
Top Ten MotoGP Crash Saves
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Unavoidable, Pt.2
So he went right over the top of the fallen bike, ramped it, landed it and carried on!
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