In a world’s first, the American stunt rider stuns the UK crowd.

A backdrop of the O2 arena on the iconic river Thames. A perfect setting for the 34-year-old American stunt rider, Travis Pastrana, to give his show "Nitro Circus" a well-marked announcement for the 2018 tour in Europe.

On what seemed to be an easy picture-perfect backflip attempt, Travis had very few things under his control to get that landing right. The typical English weather kept playing around throughout his preparation and things could’ve gone south anytime.

And of course, there are the unmoored barges who have no minds of their own but of the winds and the rain. Travis called it his scariest single flip ever since he knew about flips.

Travis Pastrana's barge-to-barge backflip on the river Thames.
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In 2006, American freestyle motocross rider Mike Metzger attempted a similar barge-to-barge jump in Long Beach harbor, Los Angeles, but unfortunately ended up with a fractured vertebra.

Fast forward to 2017, Travis Pastrana leaped 75ft in the air above the river Thames to create the first ever truly insane motorcycle backflip from barge-to-barge successfully.

Travis Pastrana's barge-to-barge backflip on the river Thames.
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Travis had only 2 hours for all his preparations after the clouds cleared up and the wind died down. After only a 150ft run-up, he took the ’leap of faith’ to construct a beautiful looking backflip and landed on the second barge with just over 35ft clearance before he could end up in the cold waters.

Global media had gathered around to capture this insane stunt joined by a few lucky onlookers who just happened to be at this top-secret location just in time. And even though they were treated with a stunning piece of action, Travis had other doubts.

Travis Pastrana's barge-to-barge backflip on the river Thames.
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As soon as he pulled the throttle full open and sent the bike flying, he felt he wasn’t on solid ground. The transitions of the G-forces were already varying and it clouded his judgments. “The takeoff felt squishy,” Travis said afterward.

But then everything lined up well and Travis lived to pump his fist to the crowd in all cheers.

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