After posting its best sales year in 2014, Triumph is picking up where it left of by hitting on another record mark in the month of January. In the first month of 2015, Triumph became the top-selling European brand in North America after increasing sales by 66 percent in January 2015 compared to its numbers from the previous year. As impressive as that is, Triumph’s performance in Canada was even more incredible after the company reported sales growth of 379 percent over the same time period.

Of all the Triumph dealers that reported their sales numbers, Southern California Triumph in Brea, California and GP Bikes Inc. in Whitby, Ontario were the top retailers in January in the US and Canada, respectively. Likewise, Triumph Manassas in Manassas, Virginia has been confirmed as the top single-line Triumph retailer, a distinction that earned it recognition from the British motorcycle company.

With the way the company has performed to start 2015, it’s not out of the reach of the imagination to see the company improve on its 2014 sales numbers and post yet another record-setting sales year ahead of it. Considering that Triumph sold 54,432 units all over the world, I wouldn’t bet against that happening.

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Why it matters

Triumph Motorcycles America COO Matt Sheahan commented on the company’s impressive start to the year, saying that the “results clearly state that Triumph is a growth brand, and consumers continue to be attracted to our distinctive British styling with modern technology on our bikes.”

It’s hard not to go against what Sheahan is saying, especially considering that the success and sales growth of the company is palpable by the way its dealership network has successfully sold all these units. Oh, and it’s just January 2015. There’s 11 more months of the year for Triumph to continue this momentum and post another record-setting year.

If Triumph can continue this run, there’s no telling the heights it’s going to achieve once the year is done. For my money, I hope the company continues rolling like it has in the past few years. That only means that more consumers are buying motorcycles, and the more people showing love for motorcycles means that the industry is continuing to become more and more popular in North America.

That’s a good thing to see and hopefully, Triumph isn’t the only one reporting this robust sales numbers this year and moving forward.

Source: Triumph Motorcycles

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