Before we say anything about this unique Triumph Bonneville, we have to mention that no, this isn’t Brad Pitt’s latest motorcycle, although it looks like something that the respective celebrity would ride with pride.

The Bonneville bobber started live as a stock British piece of engineering until ending up in the hands of Detroit-based ’bobber Dave,’ who certainly made the thing wear his fingerprint. To begin with, Dave cut several inches of the rear sub frame and brought in short travel 11” Harley-Davidson shocks to lower the thing even more (I believe he doesn’t plan to pass over many speed bumps with this gorgeous thing).

But the first thing that strikes you isn’t the small ground clearance. The custom seat, which has a vinyl cover made from full gloss metal-flake bar stool material, is this Bonnie’s piece of resistance. A side mounted number plate, ace bars and vintage red grips complete the package. I don’t know about the chrome on the mechanical parts, but I guess it lights the bike up a little bit.


Source: MCN

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  (824) posted on 12.5.2009

This is one cool bike and the chain in red colour looks good too.

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