The Assen track appears threatening in front of Triumph Italy BE1 Racing so the team meticulously prepares the now imminent start of the fourth round of Supersport season, especially after the good impression it left at Valencia.

Built in 1949, the Dutch track is considered the highlight of motorcycle racing because of the medium and high speed that riders are needed to coquet with.

After only three races in the World Cup, the promising team would have to try and stay on top or even make a big step further considering the technology on the Daytona 675.

The rider who is expected to obtain best times on the legendary track is Ivan Clementi as MotoGP and Superbike experience will surely be saying their word. Also, that experience will be useful at helping its team partner, Mark Aitchison.

Team Manager Giuliano Rovelli confirms our saying:

“Even in this fourth round will carry in the race of developments that should allow us a little further progress. After the race we worked Valencia sull’erogazione engine and the exhaust, reaching a result that should allow greater usability in rotation schemes coming to the point of maximum torque.

In the first three releases have collected a lot of indications that have allowed us to progress and it is on this road that we would continue throughout the season. We would like to build the conditions for our two pilots to remain permanently in the top 10, exit after exit reducing the gap in the media players in the league.”

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