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Triumph launches a new SOS system for your Smartphone

that notifies emergency services for you in the event of an accident

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Triumph announces a new essential component of motorcycle safety equipment. The Triumph SOS app, specifically tailored for motorcyclists, and monitors sensors in your smartphone to detect and validate an accident and then request emergency services, even if you can’t.

Triumph SOS for every rider

Triumph launches a new SOS system for your Smartphone
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It automatically connects you to the nearest emergency services
if it detects an accident.
Triumph launches a new SOS system for your Smartphone
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The app monitors sensors in your smartphone to detect an accident
and asks you to respond if you don’t need help.
The Triumph SOS system lets you get help for yourself, even when you can't help yourself.

Once in a great while we see one of the big marques turn out something that benefits all riders across the board, regardless of which brand they ride, and the new SOS feature definitely qualifies as one of these rarities. In short, it’s a phone app specially built around the needs of motorcyclists. It connects you with emergency services when an accident is detected by the inertial sensors built into your iOS or Andriod device and automatically requests assistance from the nearest emergency service, even if you’re incapacitated or otherwise unable to pull out your phone to call for help.

Part of the information package includes your coordinates according to GPS, along with medical details, direction of travel, and bike information. Don’t worry about the thing tattling on you either. It doesn’t record your speed or telemetry, so there’s no way it can throw you under the electronic bus to the authorities, as it were. The only function is to get you help when you need it. It even comes with an Auto-pause setting that prevents accidental activation of the system, so you can ride without worrying about crying wolf if your plans include rough riding and shenanigans that your phone may interpret as an ’accident.’.

The system launched in Europe, U.K, Australia, New Zealand, and across North America, and is available for download from your favorite online App store. All Triumph owners will receive a 3-month free trial, and it is available to owners of “other” brands as well. Triumph SOS comes bundled with a rolling subscription charge that hits once a month with no long-term contract or cancellation charge.

What does it mean?

Triumph launches a new SOS system for your Smartphone
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Triumph’s motorcycle accident detection app
is available from Google Play and the Apple App Store.
For those of us who ride out in the country, this could totally be a game-changer.

Where I live in a rural area, it’s not at all uncommon to see deer crossing the road at night. One of my personal fears is that I’ll hit one somewhere out in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night, and I’ll lay there just off the shoulder where they won’t find me until the carrion birds show up. As a result, I don’t ride out at night if I can help it, and when I do, I’m as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a roomful of rocking chairs.

Also, if you’re in a medically-vulnerable category, you can count on some piece of mind, secure in the knowledge that if you fall out on a ride, the ambulance will be on its way in a trice. These are reasonable fears methinks, and for these reasons, this writer will be looking into his very own electronic safety net sometime in the foreseeable future. I mean, why not? I also have a similar thing on my boat that automatically deploys and starts an E.P.I.R.B. signal if it gets dunked that serves the same purpose, and it is a great source of comfort when things get sloppy.

If you’re independent and don’t want to rely on someone else to get help for you in the event of an accident, the Triumph SOS system lets you get help for yourself, even when you can’t help yourself.

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Introducing Triumph SOS, an all new accredited advanced accident detection and emergency alerting system from Triumph that automatically connects you to the nearest emergency services in your time of need.

Launching today across the UK, Europe, ROI, North America, Australia and New Zealand, this comprehensive new service is available to all riders regardless of the bike they own,
and with a 3-month free trial for all Triumph owners.

A new essential part of a rider’s safety equipment, Triumph SOS app has been specifically tailored for motorcyclists, and monitors key sensors in your smartphone to detect and validate an accident.

Where seconds can save lives, this Google-Cloud hosted emergency alerting platform will automatically deliver the rider’s time-critical and potentially life-saving details directly to the emergency services within seconds of the accident being detected, following a unique validation process.

Precise GPS location, direction of travel, bike details, and medical information allow emergency responders to reach you quickly and provide assistance accordingly.

Advanced features include sophisticated Auto-pause technology to prevent accidental triggering so you can fully focus on your ride.

A fully integrated system that protects you while riding in the UK, ROI, North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Triumph SOS is available for a rolling monthly subscription charge, with no cancelation fees or long-term contract commitment. Triumph SOS does not record or send any speed or telematics data to the emergency services.
Riders can download the Triumph SOS app now from iOS and Android App stores.

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