The Sprint ST has fought off the BMW K1200S and the Honda VFR-ABS to win Motorrad’s 50,000km endurance test, beating 12 other competitor bikes to the top spot.

Motorrad, Germany’s best-selling motorcycle magazine, found that after 50,000km the Sprint ST’s compression and performance figures were the same as a brand new bike, the oil consumption was marginal, the engine, clutch and gearbox were all in very good condition and the painted parts, frame and exhaust pipe showed no sign of corrosion at all. They were also impressed by the inspiring and characterful engine and the excellent handling of the bike.

The condition of the bike after the 50,000km endurance test is outlined below:

Cylinder head:

  • All valves were leak proof
  • Valve seats were satisfactory
  • Valve guides and stems were within figures for new
  • Camshaft-bearings were within tolerance
  • Cam lobes were very good


  • All liners were within tolerances
  • RHS liner were within tolerances
  • Piston free play satisfactory with not much charcoal

Crank assembly:

  • Main bearings like new
  • Big ends perfect


  • Gear box in very good condition with no pitting
  • Clutch plates like new
  • Frame/Chassis:
  • Premium and reliable paintwork
  • No hidden corrosion on powder coated frame

Motorrad concluded that, as a result of the moderate depreciation and reasonable costs of the Sprint ST, combined with the proven reliability and excellent condition of the bike during and after the endurance test, the Sprint ST was the sure winner for this test.

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