Take a look at what started life as a 2009 Triumph Thruxton and you, as us, will most likely come to the conclusion that almost all British bikes can be transformed into café racers as long as someone is willing to pay the buck. This unique bike right here was built by Pure Triumph and it features all the possible changes and aftermarket parts that a demanding rider could wish for. To begin with, we’re talking about upside down 50mm Showa forks and competition spec Bitabo multi adjustable shocks, which together with the 17-inch wheels (please note the 180 section of the rear tire) make sure the bike is able to go very fast around corners, just like a café racer should. Also, twin four-pot Tokico calipers and radial master cylinder won’t make a rider hope for the best during emergency braking.

As you may have noticed, the frame remains the same and it is the other chassis parts that upgrade the overall product. Same thing with the engine: the internals remain unchanged, while the thing now gets an independent fuel-injection system.

Stylistically, an alloy T140 tank, an Alcantara leather seat and a ‘68 style rear section make every café racer fan crave for such a therapist, but we’re sad to announce that this precise one recently sold out. Yet, the Triumph dealer doesn’t stop here and plans an even better version.


Source: MCN

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Rod  (825) posted on 01.21.2010

This Thruxton looks great.smiley

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