Troy Corser left his S1000RR Superbike in favor of Nick Heidfeld’s F1 car, for a test run on the Nürburgring track. The swap was found interesting by both BMW pilots, but we understand that Corser had a 500bhp advantage, which is nothing to be neglected.

Although the BMW Sauber F1 car puts down 700bhp and the BMW S1000RR Superbike disposes of 200bhp, the bike is still the one catching the most of our attention simply because Superbike racing is much more spectacular than F1 racing.

See the video and what the pilots have to say about this interesting swap after the break.

‘It was just awesome! The car feels so balanced, the brakes are fantastic, the tyres have unbelievable grip and the steering is very direct but still has a lot of feeling. I can’t believe how hard and late you can brake. I know I was braking too early and I really would like to have a day or two with the car to really see what I can do with it,’ said Corser.

‘It was a sensational experience! I already had lots of fun practising on the streetbike in the morning and I had expected the Superbike to be a huge leap over the production version, a bit like series cars and racers, but I was surprised in the end. The difference is huge. On the one hand the Superbike is more aggressive, builds up more grip and has the superior brakes, but on the other hand it is easier to ride because you can control it so well. The handling is very precise. Obviously I’m still miles from the limit with the superbike; I would love to have done a lot more laps,’ said Heidfeld.

Source: fasterandfaster

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  (824) posted on 07.28.2009

I wish I was riding that S1000RR Superbike.smiley
I can’t say the same about the F1 car since I like bikes more than cars but still is a good video.smiley

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