One thing you can always count with famous watch brands and motorcycle companies is the frequency by which these two worlds join forces to create products designed to capture their respective markets. These collaborations happen far too often these days and for as long as their’s a market for these products, don’t expect these marriages to end anytime soon. Ducati, for instance, has a partnership with Swiss timepiece Tudor that began in 2011 and only seems to grow stronger by the year. That much was evident when the two companies launch a unique edition of Tudor’s Fastrider line that’s inspired by the new Ducati Scrambler.

It’s fitting that Tudor would go with the Scrambler as the inspiration for its latest collaboration with Ducati. The bike, after all, is the latter’s new pride and joy, and what better way to promote it than to have people wear Fastrider watches that are heavily inspired by the bike. Pretty cool, right?

Tudor’s first order of business was to create a watch that relies heavily on the Scrambler’s design ethos. That played a big part in the creation of different dials, each reflecting the different colors of the various Ducati Scrambler versions. Depending on your taste and preference, the Fastrider Scrambler Edition comes in ’62 Yellow and Ducati Red for the Icon version and Wild Green for the Urban Enduro version.

Colors aside, the Fastrider also has a brushed steel case that’s waterproof for up to 150 meters. it also has a bezel made out of matt black ceramic, as do the push pieces and the crown, creating a look of class and continuity on the chronograph that fits in nicely with the spirit of the Scrambler. A self-winding mechanical movement is another important component of the watch, specifically with a power reserve that can last close to 50 hours.

On the technical side, the Fastrider Scrambler Edition makes use of Tudor’s renowned technological wizardry in the watch industry. It’s only fitting that both companies have this new collaborative timepiece to remind all of us and reinforce the belief that when it comes to partnerships between watch companies and bike brands, no two do it better than Tudor and Ducati.

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Why it matters

Here’s the thing about me and these watch-motorcycle collaborations. I’m a big fan of these models but my fandom comes with certain, shall I say, limitations.

Granted, Tudor hasn’t announced how much one watch will cost, but I do know that a standard Fastrider Chronograph retails for around $4,000, officially putting it out of my very limited price range.

I’m not taking against Tudor for pricing it that high, and to be honest, $4,000 is a good deal compared to other recent timepieces that I’ve seen. That said, I still can’t afford it, which is why my appreciation for the Fastrider Scrambler and other similarly high-priced timepieces is limited to staring at them from a distance.

But hey, if you’ve got the money to get one, I won’t be the guy to dissuade you from doing so. The watches look amazing and all three unique dial colors offering something unique to the table. So if you’re looking to get a watch in that price range, there aren’t a lot of them out there that can offer this impressive blend of Swiss engineering and Italian design flair in one package.

Come to think of it, maybe $4,000 isn’t too much if I saved up for it. That’s an idea.

Press Release

Tudor, the famous watch brand, enters the Land of Joy, presenting the most recent version of the Tudor Fastrider at Baselworld, the World Watch and Jewellery Fair which took place in Basel (Switzerland) from March 19 – 26. This new product strengthens – through the Ducati Scrambler brand – the relationship between Tudor and Ducati, which began in 2011.

While creating the Fastrider models, the Style Atelier of Tudor took its inspiration from the Ducati Scrambler world, characterised by creativity and free expression. Three different dials have been designed for the new Tudor Fastrider, to reflect the colours of the various Ducati Scrambler versions: ’62 Yellow and Ducati Red for the Icon version and Wild Green for the Urban Enduro version. Stripped back to the essentials, the dials are legible and colourful, bringing versatility and new-found energy to the Fastrider line.

The Ducati Scrambler is characterised by a combination of authentic and sophisticated materials, such as the aluminium of the rear swingarm and engine cover, and the steel of the tear-shaped fuel tank and frame, with new-generation components such as the front and rear LED lighting, the LCD instruments and the USB socket underneath the seat. In the same way, Tudor blends noble materials such as steel with high-tech materials such as rubber.

The new Tudor Fastrider chronograph has a brushed steel case that is waterproof to a depth of 150 metres (492 feet). The bezel is made of matt black ceramic and the push pieces and crown are also matt black. It holds a self-winding mechanical movement with a power reserve of approximately 46 hours, providing a calendar function with rapid corrector which may be read through an aperture positioned at 4:30.

The application of the motorcycle aesthetic does not end with the middle case of this new Tudor model. One of the two bracelets available with the Fastrider chronograph is an interpretation of typical leather saddles with gadroons, offering an additional sporty effect. The other option is a matt black rubber strap that reinforces the technical language of the watch.

Just as the Ducati Scrambler takes the best of the past and reinterprets it in a modern way, so the Tudor collection was developed according to two main cornerstones, heritage and technology. All of the watches in the collection combine elements of the brand’s history with a contemporary touch, present in different proportions in each different model, depending on which of the two elements should be predominant. This is why both Tudor Fastrider and Ducati Scrambler use modern language to express the pure essence of their two individual worlds.

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