tvs apache rr 310 = bmw g 310 r

Well, atleast 75% of them match spec to spec
by Sagar, on December 7, 2017, 15:30

Back in 2013, BMW teamed up with TVS Motors in a Euro 20 million partnership to support them with the manufacturing and distribution of smaller capacity motorcycles, starting with the G 310R. TVS also benefitted from this venture by bringing in investments and expertise to further broaden their R&D capability to improve on existing projects and bring in innovations across their product lineup.

The Apache RR 310 is the first fruit of the venture, and it sure promises big to the Indian market. It was showcased as the Akula concept a year ago, and TVS has made justice with the transformation of the production-ready bike.

How much does the Apache sportsbike have in common with the naked G 310 R?
Let’s find out.

1. Frame

Starting with the bones of these two machines, they have the same main steel Trellis frame but differ in the subframe units. While both subframes are made of aluminum, the Apache gets hanging pillion pegs rather than the extending ones on the BMW.

The Apache also sports a neon-red paint job on the frame, and honestly, it looks stunning with the "RACE spec" decal on it. The G 310 on the other hands gets a plain black treatment.

2. Powertrain

Powering both the machines is the all-new 313cc backward-tilted, four-stroke, single cylinder, water and oil-cooled engine. TVS developed this machine in their Hosur plant in India where they also built the G 310 motorcycle.

TVS have slightly tuned the mapping for their bike to deliver maximum performance figures at slightly higher RPMs. The TVS engine will deliver 34 hp at 9,700 rpm (9,500 rpm on the BMW), with a 10,500 rpm limiter, and a stated maximum torque of 20 lb-ft at 7,700 rpm (7,500 on the BMW).

Rest of the powertrain remains the same including the clutch and gearbox architecture and the exhaust unit having polished aluminum end caps. The only other difference is that the rear sprocket set on the TVS gets one lesser tooth.

All this along with the help of some aero tech takes the top speed of the Apache to 100 mph while the G 310 R has a 95 mph top speed.

3. Suspension setup

Both bikes share the same suspension units from KYB. 41 mm gold-anodized Upside down forks at the front and a directly hinged monoshock with adjustable preload at the rear.

Both the bikes get them tuned specifically by KYB for their purposes and give the rider impeccable feedback.

4. Braking

Stopping these bikes are done by ByBre (Brembo’s Indian subsidiary). 300mm single disc front brake with radially bolted 4-piston fixed caliper, and 240mm rear disc brake with a 2-piston floating caliper.

Except the discs are a semi-petal on the Apache and flat on the Beemer.ABS comes with a standard fitment for both bikes having BMW developed dual channel systems.

5. Wheels

Again, both the bikes run on similarly designed alloy 5 spoke wheels which get wrapped around with the same Michelin rubber. 110/70R17 front and 150/60R17 rear tires.

6. Switchgear

Since both the machines have similar functionalities and instrumentation elements, switch gears on both sides also are the same plastic ones.

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